Saturday, January 31, 2009

For the moment.

The body yearns, the mind yearns. Thoughts wander, soul searching. A holding back, a protection. Drive, but where. Unsure. Confidence, is it real? Relax and do something, put yourself on an edge. Shine, glow, sweat, scream, tighten, arch, look, shutter, whine, wet, bite your lip.


Bob said...

The old Nike slogan, "Just do it!" comes to mind. You're a itching for something, Laroo and the cure is . . . JUST DO IT! :)

Mike said...

Reminds me of the nervous feeling you get right before you have that first kiss or first anything for that matter, butterflies in the stomach kinda feeling.

La Roo said...

Mike, But this isn't my first time, but like that.
Bob.....Oh I'm itching for something. Humm I wonder what? :)

Mike said...

La Roo, I didn't think it was your first time :^), but maybe the "yearning" was for the feeling you had on the first time. I know its been a while since I felt the butterflies, I miss them.

Bob said...

I'm thinking I know what you're thinking . . . hmmmm. What to do. . . what to do, what to do?

C said...

laroo thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. you are always a sweetheart to me, and i so appreciate it. i am glad you are still following my blog, as well.
this lost feeling you are having, or maybe i should say lack of direction? when i get like that, it usually means i need to start a new project, or do something spontaneous. whatever it is, i KNOW you will find it and go ahead full force.
hugs, hon..