Friday, November 7, 2008

Good things coming my way

The last couple days have been quite interesting. I've been offered several avenues for displaying my paintings. Unfortunately at this time, I only have about 4 pieces available. I am feverishly pondering what my next work is going to be and hoping I can get it done in time to add to the ones I have. Although, I don't want to compromise my artful thought process, in order to get something done fast. I've done that way to much in my past and I don't want to do that anymore.


dirty thirties said...

Hello there.
Just a quick comment to say what a wonderful blog this is.
We'll be back

Dirty & Thirty

eva said...

hey that's amazing!!! congratulations:)

Anonymous said...

Hey La Roo I really enjoy your blog and I am in Australia my email address is

momentextase said...

Funny how when you are doing the right things, and are living in a state of passion... doors just open!

Sounds like your natural inclination is to let your art take the lead... really listen to that. Let all the other stuff just follow naturally! Pressure and art don't mix well... sort of like sex!

Also, a few or even one great piece will have much more impact that a lot of pieces. So often I have seen just one piece and said "Wow...ho did that?" and it really sticks in my mind.

I saw a big display that had a lot of Tim Winstrom's and did not even notice him there were so many!

Then I saw just one Winstrom by itself... that is when I became a fan of his. See what I am saying here?

La Roo said...

Thank you for your comments everyone.

Moment I'm trying to let things just come naturally and there is a certain ease to my soul. Cause really trying to do things in mass won't fulfill me.
I hear what you are saying about not being seen if there are to many. Thanks. Great food for thought.

An Artist Exposed said...

I'm really pleased to hear this - and I agree about thinking about your work instead of rushing it to get it out there. All power to your brush