Friday, November 14, 2008

Damn it!

A frequent discussion had by seemingly different aspects of my life have made myself and my counter parts wonder. Now I'm not a worldly person and not big into politics, but this whole prop 8 issue is really bringing peoples thoughts out of the woodwork. (Prop 8= right to gay marriage) Anyways, I had thought we'd come much further than this with ignorance. Intelligent people saying...oh the next thing we'll be doing is marrying animals. There is a handful of friends and my family that believe it is a no brainer, it should be legalized, while a larger amount of my constituents have either been brainwashed by the church or are just so set in there ways they can't even look beyond what they think they know.
My problem is I am now finding myself saying, how can I love these people so much and they are so hateful to a certain group of human beings. We are all human beings with many different looks, feelings, beliefs, desires........but we are all human beings with rights. Their DNA made them different, just like it maybe gave you a big nose, or no hair, or a petite body frame, or cerebral palsy, or to many fingers, or in my case muscular dystrophy. How can anyone in there right mind think it is a choice? Would someone choose to be this way? Let's not discriminate against people for being different!!! Who do they think they are for making judgements? 
Ok, I'm usually not a ranter, but even though the election is over, it really is not over. I am faced with the fact that dear people around me are haters and that really sucks, because I have lost a lot of respect for them. 


C said...

thank you so much for your support of equal rights for gays. i am a lesbian and have been in a relationship with my partner for over 9 years. i cannot claim her on my medical insurance, life insurance. tax returns, or any legal issues available to hetero couples. i cant have those civil rights.... yet i am expected to still pay my taxes, vote, and oblige by this country's laws. where is the fairness in that? as you said we are all human beings and we SHOULD be different. the world would be so boring if everyone was the same. another thing, no one in their right mind would purposefully CHOOSE to be gay. it isnt an easy lifestyle to be judged by whom you love and be discriminated against because of it. and to those who say we could revert back to being hetero if we really wanted to... just has no idea what a person goes through to accept the fact that they are gay. it's a deep, life changing decision to find your place in the world, to fit in, and that takes a long time, and comes from deciding whether or not you want to live true to who you are. however you look at it, it's painful.
we dont care if you call it marriage, or civil contract or any other stupid name... we will STILL be here, we will STILL love the ones we love, and no piece of paper or ceremony will change that. however, we are not allowed the same equal rights as hetero couples and THAT is what we are pissed about. i can relate to any kind of minority group in how they feel, as discrimination has no bounderies... so thank you for your support, didnt mean to go all lecture on you. i like the freedom you live by. i wish i had your courage to be so secure in myself and who i am. that kind of positive energy will keep you healthy for a long time.


Jake said...

Tell someone who thinks you can choose to be gay that they can go out and meet and have sex with someone of the same sex any time they like and why haven't they :) They then might realize they haven't got that choice to make.

But there is one thing about this reasoning that bothers me. If your in anyway bisexual you do have a choice :) Same sex relationships can be wonderful just like opposite sex relationships it's not something really bad like an antisocial behaviour you can't help, it's wonderful, so who the fucking hell cares if anyone chooses a same sex relationship or same sex casual sex, their happy and their usually making someone else happy too.

momentextase said...

What is really crazy about all this is people are not born thinking, "I am against gay rights"... they are told that by someone else, and they accept that with no question! Worse, if pressed they will dig their heels in and refuse to question it, as if their life depended on it!

People can't face the fact that what their church, parents and -who knows who else -told them... were wrong about a few things!!

On the other hand, it seems to me that many of those that are the most adamantly homophobic may have gay or bi feelings themselves and just can't face that. Its called "Reaction Formation."

It is sad, and the saddest thing is you can just bet that the same thing that locks people into these attitudes also impovertishs them in other parts of their life.

La Roo said...

All I can say is...... thank you, thank you, thank you.
All of your words are so heartfelt and powerful.
We can only hope that someday we can all be treated as equals.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you got that off your lovely chest LaRoo and I agree entirely I sometimes wonder what sort of an age we live in ,I have many friends Gay and straight and I wonder how that would go down in our country if it happened thank heaven I live in a free thinking country.

eva said...

i know how frustrating it can be when close friends and family have unreasonable opinions.. i think you just have to be patient though, it doesn't help to push people away, as then you have no way of influencing them in a positive direction ;)

it's hard not to hate the haters, but two wrongs doesn't make a right.

C said...

this morning as i sit here and read these comments, i had a thought...even if that thought comes through my flexeril tainted mind...(hurt my back). what if we graded love on a scale of say, 1 to 3. the 1st level being the ability to love a person of the opposite sex. the 2nd level is the ability to love a person of the same sex. and the 3rd level, being the highest level humanly possible, is the ability to love BOTH a straight and gay person.....
to reach a point where there are no restrictions and it doesnt matter what body the person comes in, as you simply see the soul inside and fall in love with who it is... does that even make sence?
does anyone understand what i mean? we have been SO brainwashed into judging right from wrong, that i think we lose perspective of what we are looking for, and need. if you really love a peanut butter sandwich, would it matter to you if it came in a baggie, or foil, or waxed paper? wouldnt you still love the sandwich, however it presented itself? exactly. thats the point i was trying to make.

forgive me, i think i sound really stupid now, i will blame the flexeril and call it good. but that is what was going through my head just now as i read all your comments...

oohhhh i have to go lay down.....

momentextase said...

c wrote:
"...does that even make sence?
does anyone understand what i mean? we have been SO brainwashed into judging right from wrong, that i think we lose perspective of what we are looking for, and need..."

Makes perfect sence to me!

I really like your "scale" of higher love thing, that is the way I look at things and I have never even had any flexeril! LOL!

I am wondering, do you suppose that people somehow know that acceptance will change their lifes -and they are afraid of that?