Sunday, November 16, 2008

Earth Wind and Fire

The outside of my house looks like an ash tray. You know how you go to a bonfire and come home and you just reek of smoke? Well, here I am amongst the thick smoke and ash of the fires burning not far from my home. They've been burning for the last few days, and you just can't get away from the smell. The winds have kept the fires stoked and out of control. Our house was never in danger, thankfully.
Many people lost homes and were displaced, and I have absolutely no reason to complain. The air will clear and we will be able to wash down. They on the other hand have to start over... and in this economy it's not going to be easy. What a shame.
My friend that lives close, has pool and it looks so nasty. We've equated it to being that red plastic cup at a college party filled with water and everyone uses it as an ashtray. Yep. That nasty. She's hoping her pool pump is up for the challenge.  


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear your all ok ,we have been seeing a lot about the fires over your way its been big news on the tele I didn't realise you lived so close to that area my thoughts are with you at this time and I hope you remain safe LaRoo

Bob said...

What a horrible thing. I watched a lot of LA tv this past weekend and saw the mass destruction of so many homes. I'm happy to hear that you've only seeing the fallout from the fires and that they didn't come your way. Count your blessings, Laroo.

C said...

aww, i am SO SORRY to hear you are close to the fires... please stay safe, and god bless all who are affected by the fires. i wonder if they know how it started. such a waste. i pray no one gets hurt... and that all animals are safe.


momentextase said...

It seems like these fires get worse every year, have family that lives in all parts of the LA area, from Woodland Hills to Artesia -I remember how in the 60's how green it was, but every year since then is has gotten browner and browner.

Back then there might be a fire in Malibu one year, or Laurel canyon the next year-or Topanga the next -its always been a problem-... but then there started to be multiple fires...and now, jeez, it seems like the fires surround the area every year!

There has been a long drought there, that is not helping.

One good thing is the smog problem is much better than it was in the 60's and 70's. If the smog was as bad as it was back then, the sky over downtown would turn black for weeks from these fires.

Anyway, glad you are safe, hope the Santa Anna's quit blowing.

Anonymous said...

I need to know how to visit momentextase 's blogs

La Roo said...

ausallblack I don't believe they have one.

momentextase said...

ausallblack said...

"I need to know how to visit momentextase 's blogs"

We don't have a blog, although we tried one time, but our interests and schedules are so jammed, and we travel so often that it is just too crazy for us to be very good bloggers. Just posting now and then to blogs we follow is a challenge!