Monday, October 6, 2008


I've been doing some personal shoots to get ready to send to ISM. When I've done my little postings for my blog I seem to get alright pics and have the chance to get back from the camera and it's really no big deal. But now that I have this really neat opportunity and I realize, oh shit're definitely not a model! 
I'm so compelled to do this though. 
You have to hold the camera yourself, or be able to press the button with some part of your body, In doing so, shots are close and not forgiving. I know this site is about exploration and being yourself. I am all for that, and love the individuality of it all, actually I think I will be one of the first on the site to be in a wheelchair. (and body fat, for that matter)
I'm intimidated as all heck,  but have a weird drive to do this.


Anonymous said...


ISM isn't about models! Its about normal people taking a camera and doing the sexy story telling themselves!!!

You're going to do fabulous and I can't fucking wait to see your folio! You better email me and tell me what your name on there is!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ps. I have body fat too.

Its about being normal and I can't wait to see what you have to share with the world!

Anonymous said...

I'll be interested to hear more about your experience. I'm glad to see you're contributing to the site, it seems right up your alley.

Miky said...

YOu have a great pictures on this blogg....mmm

I'm inspired to take pictures and upload now onwards...

Bob said...

Gee, go for it. What's here is beautiful and erotic. Remember, photography is about composition, shades of color and contrast. You'd be a star on ISM. Go for it, girl. Go for it!

La Roo said...

Am I normal? Life has been a little hard on the body and I don't see myself as normal. In my fantasy world I do, but then reality hits.
I so appreciate everyones encouragement. It's really sweet.
Thank you.

Jake said...

Ooh! I wondered when you'd do an ISM. You can take as many shots as you want and you'll get to know which light you look best in and from what angles, you've already put some great shots here, so I think your folio's gonna be good.

Jake said...

P.S. normal is whatever the media is holding up as beautiful and that changes with the fashion, it's a bit like saying we should all like one very specific type of music, it's rediculous, is there normal music? like music peoples appearances have a wonderful diversity of different personalities and ages and shapes and sizes, and it's all around us, ISM allowed me to appreciate that.

Britni said...

I am quite jealous that you are submitting to ISM! I can't afford a membership to anything right now, so when Chica invited me to join, I just couldn't.

And darling, thank goodness you are not a model! We have enough of those generic, cookie-cutter, cliche look alikes and we don't need another one. We need real beauty. Because every person, every individual is beautiful and their imperfections are what make them so.

You are so brave for putting yourself out there and showing the world that just because you are in a wheelchair doesn't mean that you can't be hot, or sexy, or beautiful, or even sexual. You are truly an inspiration.

An Artist Exposed said...

I can understand those little pangs of self-doubt but I'm sure that all of your readers will feel so proud of you for this.

Why I love sites such as ISM (and these blogs for that matter) is that I have always found ordinary women so much more sexy than the bodies that are so often served up to us by the media.

We all have imperfections because we are real - living - feeling people. I love the photos that you have posted on this blog - the fact that the ISM ones will be self-pics is a bonus to me.

As for what is normal?... I simply cannot answer that. Are you normal?... I cannot answer that. Are you a sexy woman with a feisty attitude who looks great in the pics I have seen?.... I can answer that.... YES.

momentextase said...

La Roo,

You manage to take every bit of your very hot sexy body and the pleasure and excitement you obviously have being sexually connected with yourself and you project and communicate all that in a way we all can feel!

Few 'models' communicate anything much more than "-I'm a model..can you tell? Body by Madison Avenue"

Sexy is as sexy is, and you are sexy. That is the metaphysical truth.

For a smoking hot sexy woman, you are perfectly normal. I have known more than a few. Trust me on this.

justaperfectday said...

Normal, who wants to be normal anyway? Good luck with ISM, I'm sure you will blow everyones stripy socks off!