Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lots of Frosting

Inspiration for may latest painting.
I will share when completed.
It's just a happy picture (no other purpose)


Luc said...

and such a beautiful image :-)

Bob said...

Great idea! Love the view you have in the backyard. Bet that it's pretty at night.

La Roo said...

Thanks Bob,
That unfortunately isn't taken at our house. It was at the park by our house.

An Artist Exposed said...

Lovely image - looking forwards to seeing your painting in due course.

momentextase said...

Maybe its because we are checking out your blog with our hands wandering around our bare lusting selves, but this looks more than a little bit naughty to us.

Two yummy cupcakes? Being hefted, balanced, lifted?? Each with hardened shafts, erect and burning rising up from colorful abundant dabs of lickable lushousness??

We think you are getting delightfully subversive and provacative!

La Roo said...

artist exposed, it's a large one, my biggest piece yet.
Momentextase, wow! I love what you see in it. Actually I'm going for a celebration of life and death. But your rendition of if is much more sensual and I like that. When you see it you will probably know where I was coming from. But that is the part of art I love, to hear what people personally take from the subject matter.