Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Stuff

I'm kind of lost in some sort of fog. Everyday life is just seeming to be in slow motion, and a bit surreal. I know I am going to feel this way for awhile. I feel sadness and a bit of my spark has diminished for the time being. I've tried to keep it lit and it keeps blowing out. I'm not depressed, but there is a heaviness on my heart.
Tonight (Halloween) we are going to our little downtown area. It has lots of restaurants and bars. It's a college town and will be booming with all kinds of goings on tonight. We are going to check out all the crazy sexy costumes, and grab a bite to eat. We are not dressing up but, a cousin of ours came up with great costumes for me. One being--my chair being a Rose Parade float, with me being the Rose Queen on top. The other thought was-----putting a broom out the back of my chair with a wheel attached to it, and me dressed up as a witch. Dubbing me the Handicapable Witch. I thought those would be hilarious costumes.


Bob said...

The Rose Parade float would be my choice. How absolutely cool of an idea. You could go to Michael's and get all kinds of artificial flowers and use them again and again and again.

I think it's the time of year for you're not alone in feeling that there's a lost spark. They say moods, like the seasons, come and go according to the time of year. I believe that. Wifey has been fighting the downers which come over her. I've not been so hot, either. Well, I've been hot . . . well, never mind. :)

Maybe getting out this weekend, doing something, going places, might help your mood. I'll be wishing for good times for you, La Roo..

ausallblack said...
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ausallblack said...

you should have gone as the sexy provocative witch dress in something outrageous :)

Chica said...

Thinking of you la roo, admiring that you haven't lost your sense of humor and hoping you had a lovely evening out for Halloween x

naughtyscholar said...

I'm enjoying your blog... the pictures... the words. I can really relate to feeling soaked in sadness.

Which costume did you pick?