Thursday, September 11, 2008


There's something about having my pussy waxed that turns me on. It's not the actual process, but the feeling afterward. I think it's the pain that tingles from within, the smoothness of the lips and the sensitivity it brings. I have this done periodically and wonder why each time, why don't I do this more. Yesterday I treated myself to this bit of torture and have been horny since. Last night had to resist sex because I was so raw, but I was so horny. This morning I enjoyed myself in the shower, and can't wait for my hubby to get home.
I was wondering how many of us wax and if so, does it have the same effect?


Blissfully Wed said...

Nice shot. I have to shave my area tonight for the first time. (Nice little surgery tomorrow.)

I'm a bit nervous about nicks.


La Roo said...

Hope everythings ok with you.
Best of luck tomorrow.

Robert said...

great!!!! your blog is so wonderful!!!!! if you want... do you visit the mine??? kixxx

Tony Stark said...

My ex girl use to get her's waxed alot & I think she felt the same way as you do.