Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inside me

There are moments in my life that I feel like I'm floating by. I grasp at anything and ignore somethings, feeling it is self preservation. I feel like this is my life and I want to live it, but feel as if I'm some how road blocked by others. Also realizing I do it to myself. They are a part of my life because of default, but not because they fill my soul. In reality I don't know fully what fills my soul, but I pretty much have an idea what doesn't. Times like this, I feel that I want to scream, I want to fuck, I want to eat, I want to leave. But I don't.......I suppress. Then I feel no movement, life is still. I don't know how to use my words, to benefit what is important to me. If I talk about anything out of the norm, it seems to cause conflict, shock, hurt feelings, or the tendency to clam up. Those honestly are not my intentions I seek. I feel sometimes I'm to real. 


Blissfully Wed said...

Your photos and words are beautiful and quite captivating.

Thanks for sharing what you choose to share. I'm bookmarking your blog now.

Jake said...

Sounds like your a free thinker in a conservative environment,I think having contact with people who share your passions is what you need, either online or in person.

Britni said...

You are not too real. Those of us that are too real are the revolution. No change ever occurred without feathers being ruffled or the status quo being challenged or the norm being questioned.

Speak up! If you cause just one person to question what they know, or what they think, you have made a difference.

La Roo said...

My situation is I think one of balance. Also, really being able to find people of similiar nature. Like Jake said.
I need to find and be comfortable in a happy medium.
That isn't easily found for me.