Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Something has stuck with me since this last Monday. 
First off, I want to start by saying I'm in this painting class at my local community college. In which I have fulfilled all of the beg., intermediate, and advanced courses. I've continued to take the class over the years as have about 8 others. When you do this it's called Studio Lab, it's basically like renting a place to paint and be around artistic people and their feedback.
On Monday when I started back after summer break, this guy came into the class and my jaw nearly dropped off. My husband and I had met him this summer in a alternative/eclectic type gift shop in our downtown. We hit it off the minute we walked in the store. We were laughing and be a bunch of cut ups. I had noticed some art on the walls and commented on how I liked them. He stated they were his but he has never been trained, and would like to learn some basic techniques. I told him about my class I attend and how much I liked it. I told him he should give it a try. We had to go to an appointment, so unfortunately we had to leave and never had the chance to go back and visit.
Anyways, who was to show up at my class on Monday?.....This Guy. 
He came in saying...Oh my god you so inspired me that day you came in. You don't know how out of my box I am. Do you know how long it's been since I've been to school? I'm so excited.
I have felt so good since Monday that I actually helped somebody do something. 
I'm taking this as a part of my journey and using it as a positive in my life.

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momentextase said...

Great story! Isn't it amazing how random little acts of interest and inspiration can end up being so rewarding?? I find the fact that he really showed up in your class to be a bit syncronistic! If not a bit! Another new fan perhaps???