Thursday, August 21, 2008


I feel like I'm the only one. Does it seem like most people in wheelchairs are vanilla? I've been curious about this for quite sometime now. Am I breaking some disabled law, thou shall not be a sexual, crazy, curious being. Have the likes of us shamed people into thinking we are fragile little people? Does putting myself out there help or hinder?


Listener said...

Been a while since I visited, have to catch up, Actually, I would consider people in a wheel chair to be more of an exotic flavor, Vanilla with a chocolate swirl maybe? Not that I know you personally but I don't view your chair as an extension of "you", I see it more as an accessory, like that one friend that can't go anywhere without her favorite hat( I know it's a bad analogy). Your personality, ideas and soul are what makes "you". And last time I checked, people don't come with a manual decribing what should be correct operating procedures. So you be as sexy and freespirited as you want, and keep writing about it... your blog has become one of the highlights of my day!


La Roo said...

Wow thanks Mike.

momentextase said...

Listener, I thought that was a great analogy! I agree with you, spot on and well said!

la roo, there is so much sexual repression and supression, for everyone, that if anyone is even a tiny bit different.... the supression card comes out fast.

I think what you are doing really helps, first it provides a reality check for everyone, second, you can inspire anyone who feels like you do!

La Roo said...

I feel the need to be out there in the world but I have to admit I'm still feeling my way through. I so do appreciate all your kind words.

Chocolate! Most of the time I see my ass attachment :) as an accessory, but there is a look that I get almost everyday at least from that one person. That look/stare makes me crazy and doubtful in myself. It's a constant battle in my mind. Your right, there is no manual and I'm plugging along to make a more comfortable and exciting life for me. Thanks for your support.
I'll work to get the cherry on top. :)

Listener said...

Whip cream too... But thats a whole other post, im sure :^)

Britni said...

You help. You could never hinder. I used to work as a nanny for a couple and the husband was in a wheelchair. While they worked for rights for disabled individuals, I found that he let his disability get the best of him most of the time, and instead of trying to see what things he could do, he just resigned himself to the fact that there were many things that he could not do. It made me sad.

His wife told me that after his accident, their ENTIRE sex life ceased to exist. Completely. It was another case of him looking at all of the things that he could no longer do with her in bed, instead of enjoying the things that they could STILL DO together.

So, I say be free, be sexy, but most of all, have a voice. Your visibility and your courage to be you will ALWAYS make a difference. A positive one. So keep on keepin' on, and continue to be an inspiration to others.

La Roo said...

Thank you for sharing that with me. You don't know what that means to me, cause I do try things, and I want to have a voice. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one. I know I can't be...... it just feels that way.

Thanks for the encouragement, everybody!! I appreciate it.

Kevin Lomax said...

Hi La Roo: thanx for your comment on my blog. Just started reading yours and it's an intriguing one! Oh, and the pic on this post is beautiful!

(and eh...vanilla is nice, but only with some WHIPPED cream ;-)