Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm alive.

My hubby talked me into posting on my blog.
What.... it's been about 3 years? It seems like forever.  Life has had so many twists and turns since then, I wouldn't even know where to start. But i'm doing well. I've lived and loved and struggled definitely, but I'm still sassy and keeping it real. Please know I think of those of you that I followed and who followed me every now and then and I feel like you were definitely a part of my life journey.
I hope all is well and I send you hugs.



Bigger said...


Thank goodness. I have been wandering where you have been. Atleast I know you are alive. Good to hear from you girl!! Hope you are well!!!!!!!

JFBreak said...

And this is why I love blogging - you can always come back. Glad to see you are still around.

Mr Upton Ogood said...

I am truly pleased to hear that you are well. I had gotten concerned over the tone of some of your "walk and roll" posts. Life is good.

Welcome back and I hope to hear from you often, if you can.


Mr Upton, "To know me, is to love me", Ogood

Race said...

great to hear from you. funny how we connect with ppl on the Internet, and suddenly, we become too invested, suddenly we wonder why. I get that. you look fab. I hope you've finished the amazing painting from your last post. if not, no pressure from me. it's your life to live. thank your hubby for convincing you to throw out a line to the silly folk that haven't forgotten you, me. in truth, in reality, out here in the vast web, we owe each other nothing. take care, be you, wishing you the best.

An Artist Exposed said...

Lovely to hear from you - wishing you all the very best x

James Fulton said...

it is good to know you are okay

Mr Upton Ogood said... I said, "I hope to hear from you often, if you can". The "if you can" was just me being polite. The "I hope" was also extraneous polite noise. So...just go ahead and write...I know you know what's it's like to read somebody's blog and then have them disappear...we all know that disjointed dislocation. If your "hubby" can get you to post, maybe I (in lieu of others) can as well.

Lots of questions unanswered ... (Historically: I refer you to "The world waits and wonders"...which is, in context, not actually a real question...but then, however he thought, ADM. Halsey took it as an implied question and responded.)

I also said "Life is good". Well, that's obvious. I didn't say, "But it can get better" was implied. Make my life better. Come back.

Ita missa est. (Go. The mass is ended)

Mr. Upton (greatest mashed potatoes in America) Ogood

Mr Upton Ogood said...

Because I am right "almost" all the time, I thought to check on the quote I left. It seems that I can't find it. That doesn't mean I'm wrong....just that google isn't helping me. The message wasn't to Halsey (it seems) or to Ray Spruance. But I Know (or at least I'm very sure) that the message was sent...but the fun part is this: "the world waits and wonders" was just a code-guys filler. The practice was to send a message, in code, that, either, began or ended with a bit of non-sequitur STUFF. I -thought- it was Halsey, but in any event, the recipient took the literal message as a rebuff of his actions and kicked some major ass just to prove the implied rebuke null. (or so I recall my reading).

Mea culpa. This does not denigrate the previous post...just diminishes me.

Mr. Upton (a whole lot shorter) Ogood

La Roo said...

Bigger, I just saw your post from May 2018. I haven't been on my blog forever and some reason Google popped into my blogger on a search. I had to look. I'm trying to figure how to use this site again or maybe stuff has changed. But your post just about brought me to tears. For some reason it wont let me comment on you post. It's being weird when i sign in. I'll check back in a while to see whats going on.