Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm content

Yep I'm content.
My hubby asked me today if I could describe how I felt with one word, what would it be?

Content. I said.

He said that was what he would've said. He said he was thinking the same thing.

That thought is from a part of the book Eat Pray Love.
We recently listened to the audio book version, in which I really liked. I liked it so much I'm listening to it again. I never saw it but heard the movie was crap.


The other night I took off my clothes sat between his legs and we talked. (we haven't done that in a long time) We talked a long time. We connected. Then he pulled me close with my legs over his. I bit his neck, he bit mine. I could feel him grow underneath me. We kissed and tongued each other ears and my nipples got hard and he nibbled them and squeezed them. I laid back and he licked and fingered my pussy. I got wet. I got on my knees between his open legs and sucked him, sucked and oooh sucked some more until he came down my throat.

I'm content.


JFBreak said...

Communication is key. Communication and a nice blow job from time to time is also key!

La Roo said...

JFBreak- Hi there! You're so right and we are communicating and working through things. Its such a constant reinventing.
Sex is so important......yes nice blow jobs can be key I'm sure. :)