Monday, May 20, 2013

What is happening?

Met more amazing sex positive people this weekend. So awesome!

Too much to explain here's a few words. Sex educator, 2 lesbians, hubby, girl I kissed a couple weekends ago, couple random dudes all at a table at a restaurant bar being loud and sexy and funny and stupid and had so much fun.
One of the cute butch lesbians was told about my marriage equality piece I painted and I showed it to her on my iPhone and it brought her to tears she was so moved. (it is now worth every hour of every minute I spent on it) I'm so touched.
(i'm all over the board here, i know)

Had two incidences that we're interesting within an hour or so of each other:

I was out front of the restaurant while my sex educator friend had a smoke and she gave me a hug. No biggie I know but when she did, being in wheelchair I was kinda pulled into her chest and I left a lipstick mark. We laughed and everybody wanted a picture of it. it wasn't showing up on pictures, so I said let me do it so it shows. Pulled her top mid breast and planted full lipstick print on her.
Meanwhile some 20 something diva girl walking to the bar next door with a group says, "that's disgusting". I didn't hear it but everybody around us went ape shit yelling at her.
I keep wondering if chickypoo with tiny miniskirt and come fuck me pumps going into the (bro bar) was disgusted by me kissing another girls breast? Or was it that I was in a wheelchair doing this?

An hour or so later and a couple more drinks went back outside with her so she could smoke and I don't even know what spurred this act on but the next thing you know she was sitting straddling my lap faced towards me and I had my hands on her hips and she grabbed my face and kissed me.
This time a guy was walking away from the (bro bar) was like, "Oh my gawd, that's the most awesome thing I've seen. Stopped to talk and tell us how we made his night. It wasn't a french kiss, just a big planted kiss and I guess he liked it. So that was the opposite reaction of earlier on. Interesting.

We just were foolin around having fun and it was a big flirtatious night for all of us.

Hubby was in on a lot of action of his own and it was a blast.

I don't know where all these fun "real" people are coming from??
I'm not going to question it. I'm just going with it.


Virgil Austin said...

Nice to see you smiling again.

La Roo said...

Virgil Austin- Thank you.