Friday, May 17, 2013

Educate and stimulate

Hubby met a girl during a recent AIDS walk and for one of those unexplainable reasons he felt comfortable and some sex talk was brought into the conversation. He told this gal that his wife would love her. He made it clear that I'm pretty open about stuff and she decided that if she ran into me ever that she would give me a lap dance.
Well we ran into her into her in our downtown several evenings ago. I never met her and didn't know what she looked like. So this gal sitting outside a restaurant bar on a bench, does kind of a recognition thing to hubby and immediately is in my lap sucking and nibbling on my neck.
It's so random and we laugh and of course hit it off right away. Hubby was right.
We went into the restaurant for drinks and just laughed and talked sexuality. She is a Human Sexuality teacher at a couple of the colleges around. It's was interesting talking with her. I shared a couple stories with her and she did the same. We giggled a lot and it felt so freeing. She told me how pretty I was and I felt a little embarrased and not sure how to take that. Of course it was flattering and weird and awesome at the same time. After sharing with her that I just don't understand why people come onto me. There are so many hotter chicks and gorgeous bods around these parts that they could be all up on, but lately people have honed in on me. Go fuckin figure? I know that might sound conceited and I don't mean it to be. I don't really feel I've done anything different like overly flirting or whatever. I'm not complaining just kind of taken back. Anyways, sharing this with her, she takes my hand and says of course people are attracted to have (making quotation marks with her fingers) "it". She asked, you know what "it" is right. And I said, I think so.
She said people pick up your openness without really knowing what or why. It's an energy you put off, its the way you carry yourself.
I try my damndest to be confident and take care of myself and find myself being pretty free spirited. But along with all that I just still feel like just a big dork. To grasp any of this is hard. I feel like my outside is a total facade and really I'm not cracked up to be anything with any special energy. LOL

We ended up all touchy feely and hubby even went into the ladies restroom with her to help her wash sticky lube off her boobs. Which is too long of a Basically a test package of lube got tossed our way and she ripped it open and drizzling it on her upper chest and she started rubbing it down to her boobs and a guy friend (one I kinda dig) of ours was watching and so I played it up and starting rubbing her boob for a tiny second. I think it stunned some people and maybe even turned some on.

I'm not physically attracted to this gal, but mentally I'm intrigued. I love what she does professionally and personally.. She is so free and kind and real and super fun.

We have met her since for sushi a couple days ago and had great conversation and plan on this next week going to a event with her in Los Feliz. Its so cool to run into people like this. I'm so excited about her being my friend.  I feel so closeted with most of my friends and now we have someone who gets us.
How cool is that. Hubby definitely followed his instinct with that one. Good job!


JFBreak said...

Good for you and kudos to your hubby for recognizing that you would hit it off with this new friend. I'd choose someone that I could openly talk with over someone super attractive any day.

La Roo said...

JF Break- It was so cool to meet her. It seems like every weekend lately has brought us new experiences and new people. Even this last weekend I met 2 of the most wonderful lesbians and we had a ball along with sex educator gal and others. Its not sexual in the way of sex. If that makes sense? We are being up front with ourselves and there's playful flirting and a little innocent touching and peck kissing.It derives from a little drinking but it's so much fun.