Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I did it.

So last Friday I was going to the YMCA to just go work out on the machines, when I remembered that the Zumba Gold class was going at noon. I had blogged about it wantng to do it few posts ago. I decided to do it and just went for it. I shook as I drove there and couldn't catch a good breath. I got there early which was a bit of a torture.

When it was time I just told the instructor it was my first time and I don't know how much I can do but I want to try. She responded that I just need to have fun and do what I can do. So I positioned myself to the far side and had some small chit chat with some ladies. Most of them 20-30 years my senior. Of course one asked why I was in the wheelchair. I gave a quick answer and we started groovin.

I felt like a complete dork as I tried to follow the head gal. But did the whole 45 min. session just movin anyway I could that was similar to what was going on. I loved being a part of a dancing group like that and will definitely do it again, dorkiness and all.


Bigger said...

I thought about you the other day. At the local center I go to there was a zumba class that was done in a pool. Not sure if there would be one close to you. Glad to here you went for it. I've heard those class are no joke that they can kick your butt.

Bob said...

So,why are you in a wheeLchair? Just curious....HHHhhhhaaa! Kidding,of course!!! A better question would be Why oh why is Bob still in a wheelchair? That would be the $64,000 dollar question!

La Roo said...

Bigger- Thanks for thinking of me. Yeah I've done the water thing. i actually love it. Just don't love the having to shower after and get ready or be wet and uncomfortable. Just wanna get in and out of somewhere and go on with the day.
Mind you this was Zumba Gold, so less intense but still a good workout for me.

Bob- Well look what the cat drug in......
I think Bob why youre still in a wheelchair is because you want to try to be sexy like me. LOL.
Come down here and I'll whip you into shape.
I'm not saying what kind of shape....maybe triangle or square??

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you went for the Zumba class, and that you had fun doing it.