Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ok Bob...Catching up.

I guess I've let a little too much time pass since I've posted last. I really don't know where to start or go back to.

This past month has been our vacation time.  We have been on 2 trips, one to Chicago (which I'm so bummed we didn't get to meet up with ChiTown Girl) . Then on that same trip drove to Indiana where I was honored to be in a art show, so we went for the opening. It was amazing on many levels, but the dinner afterward was one of those moments in time that will be stuck in my head for a very long time. I will talk about it another time.  Just trying to catch up on my whereabouts.  Never had been to Chicago and Wow! What a great city! The Art Institute was my fave. It was overwhelming and I want to go back. (Maybe we'll see you that time ChiTown Girl?) Life gets in the way sometimes, huh? We ate at some amazing places. One of the Iron Chef's restaurants, "Garca's"Mercat and The Weber Grill. Nope we didn't eat pizza or hot dogs. Not big on deep dish pizza and can't stand hot dogs. So we didn't do typical Chicago eating. Millennium Park was amongst a favorite and we did actually go to a swinger "Meet and Greet". Which I said I'd never do again, and I did. And I don't ever have to go again. Lets leave it at that.
Ok lets not.....shady neighborhood, had to walk up a flight of stairs into a seedy little room greeted by David Caradeen and a couple that wouldn't stop talking about their kids and how they sneak people in an out of there house and talking about sex to them. How her daughter was grossed out that she was standing there nude and she said, she laughed and pulled up her stomach and said, "it's under here" "I'm wearing a g-string". You just can't see it." Enough said, right?  We did meet a young couple and had good conversation, got a little drunk and cabbed it out of there back to the hotel.

Then there is Cancun. Hot, Sexy, Relaxing, Indulging, Funny, Sensual, Tiring, Trying, Intriguing, and we met the neatest people. Going there is a different experience each time. We always come back a little wiser and enriched in one way or another. I kind of have a love hate relationship with the Desire resort.
I know that sounds funny, but I do. I will talk about that another time also.

I have been enjoying not being fully immersed in electronic devices as of lately. That is why the big lull in posting. It seems like we all get so immersed in computers and such that we neglect to see the world around us. I'm stepping back, I need to have a happy medium. I do enjoy blogging and staying in touch but I need to not get so caught up it in and am limiting myself a bit more to the whole Shabang.

More catching up and stories soon.

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ChiTown Girl said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed my awesome city. Sorry the meet-and-greet sucked, though. You guys DEFINITELY need to come back. I'll have PLENTY of free time next time, especially since I won't be WORKING! hahaha! My FIL seems to be on the mend (another surgery this past Monday, one more in 5 weeks, then he should be done!) so I'll definitely have more time. I'm still sad about missing each other. :(