Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Look beyond.....

Desire Cancun is a "Lifestyle" resort. At the end of May was our 3rd time there. Each time is different and it brings out a different part of us each time.

We have come a long way in the last few years of in where relationship has evolved and as individuals we have broken down some barriers we were brought up with. Plus looked at the way most of society lives and scoffs and hides their sexuality. We have looked beyond what is expected and seen another life  or "lifestyle" that has more open minded, less judgemental, smart, intelligent, loving, martially secure people than we ever thought or could imagine. We hunger for that. We haven't seemed to find that particular group here at home but still are willing to see what is out there.(kicking and screaming all the way, though) Desire just has the right vibe.
Desire does have that hippy free lovin feeling, but in the 2000 version.

Just the learning what feels right for us has been a challenge but because we have come to learn how solid we are as a couple, it has made us realize so many possibilities. With all this has come tears, fears, turn ons and turn offs and great conversation. Plus best of all, great sex between us. I think knowing and being able to share with your partner that you are attracted to someone or you think someone has a little something for you is sexy and it justifies you are a sexual being with wants and needs. Not that you love your significant other any less, but to be able to share in their sexual behaviour and let them be a part of yours without the shame you are doing something wrong. So may people hide or cheat instead of embracing the others sexuality. It is difficult breaking down those guards and protection devices we have set for ourselves over the years.
We ran into this in Cancun. Not communicating the way we should've and frustration setting in.  There are no rules for this and even when you think you got it figured don't. Like I said in the past,
we talk a good game, but putting it into play is another thing. You can't figure out every scenario that could or should happen, it's just impossible. To know what the other is thinking or feeling when they don't know exactly is a hard read. Sometimes it is just known and other times it's hard to figure out. When you love someone you don't want to hurt them, and I think sometimes you can talk it to death.
Things are going to happen when you've opened yourself up like this and we might trip, but with the strength we can pick ourselves up, dust off, regroup and carry on. Or stop and not look back???
We have the power either way.
I think we all have those emotions we didn't even realize existed until something comes up and that's being human. Getting to this point in our lives has been amazing and hopefully will continue and I hope we can come to grips with our insecurities mentally and physically and be able to let each other go a little more to explore another man or woman or whatever tickles our fancy and realize having a connection with another human being doesn't discount the love and passion that as a couple we have for each other.

We'll see.

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blindhound said...

Regardless of what didn't happen, did you enjoy the experience overall?
I am sure you will at some point get to where you will just ask "are we going to do this, or what?"