Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2 totally different updates

Yesterday I had a bit of a melt down. Just driving to go workout and I took a deep breath and on the exhale just broke down with tears.  I could barely see to drive and sobbed. I couldn't pull it together. Of course when I get to the gym, I'm a wreck. Which I hate for people to see me upset.  So, we workout, and hard I might add and it just through me for a loop. My body and mind for the rest of the day was shot. I had stuff to do and I plugged along and got through. Knowing today was going to be a better day.
Well so far this morning I've woke up with a heavy heart and tears rollin. I'm pitiful. I've felt so good the last couple weeks. I know why.,..........I miss my mom and it's gonna be this way for quite some time.
It's still unreal.

On another completely unrelated note. Let's make this a list of events, because I don't want a huge lengthy paragraph.

Neighbor we haven't talked to for about 5 years.
Rekindled friendship.
Always open to talking about anything
Fun gal, husband just ok
Wife went to dinner with hubby and I, 2 weekends ago.
We had drinks ( because I do that now)
Talked about her dating girls before she got married and much more
Back at her house on the couch watching TV.
Sexual talk, laughing, being silly, lots of drinking
Husband is at work late.
Sitting very close
Her hand on my leg rubbing my knee and down mid thigh
Hubby sitting close on other side rubbing her thigh.
In kitchen she gave hubby a small kiss peck (I learned later)
It was hot. That was as far as is went, but very hot.
We've flirty texted with response but not to flirty coming back on her end.
This was not a planned thing at all. The events took there own course.
She's a big drinker and don't know if she realized what she did or does and or just rather not.
She has young kids and she kept saying she was jealous of us because we can do whatever we want.

Ok, so that was fun.  I wish it would've gone further. Told hubby that I need to learn to be a bit more assertive. I'm always afraid when it comes to this kind situation to over step boundaries, read into it wrong, afraid of not being sexy enough, I guess rejection and feeling stupid making the wrong move.

All I know is that it made for great hot sex between hubby and I later and we had fun talking and milling it over.


Bob said...

Wow. You were offered the Blue Plate special and didn't go for it. Well, there's always next time and believe me, there will be a next time with neighbor lady. She sounds like fun and might be more than you bargained on, ...a real handful. Take pictures, will ya? :)

The world according to Gaz said...

Sounds like she is up for it whether she was aware of it or not.
If her hubby is working late a lot she is probably lonely. Here is a perfect place to start.

La Roo said...

Bob- It was completely unexpected so I was a bit taken back. Plus I think I'm all talk no action. I need to learn how to be more assertive or I'm going to miss out. I'm not sure if there will be a next time like that??? If I have the opportunity to take pictures I will. Just for you....oh and hubby of course. :)

TWAT Gaz- I'm not sure.....but there goes me seconding guessing myself again??? Her hubby did come home when we were still there and he seemed very mild about the situation and went in the other room to download some photos (he's a photographer.) and never came back out. On another occassion we were hanging out on the patio after they put the kids to sleep and we were just chatting and he came home pulled up a chair and enjoyed the playful conversation.
We have talked and she is super charged sexually and I think they have a good sex life like us. They have young kids and I think that is what is holding them back from frolicking. Hell, I hold myself back and I don't have kids. Shit what's wrong with me.