Monday, January 23, 2012

5 hours in a garage

We spent 5 hours in my moms garage sorting through everything on Saturday. Probably have another couple sessions like than before we can called it sifted. (the garage, I say) I say sifted because we are going through the garage and house finding the stuff we would like to keep, then we are having these estate people come in and sell off the rest in about a month.
It's just all to surreal. My mom was a keeper. I wouldn't say hoarder. Not to any extremes by any means. But she kept any letter, note or card we sent and history of the family. Baby shoes, dolls and doll houses, old cameras, old Christmas stuff, tools, and most of all pictures. So many pictures, you wouldn't believe. Cool old black and white photos...some in albums.....probably dating back to the mid 1800's. I plan to keep some and my siblings the same, but what do you do with millions of pictures that have no meaning to you. I mean boxes, upon boxes...........they are cool old pictures.  I love the know.... but not an over abundance. Plus these were things mom cherished for all these years. The whole house is this way. It's so hard to say, "I don't want that".....after knowing these things were her life. I keep talking to her saying, "Did I take the right things?" "Are you good with this?"..."I'm trying my best mom".

And of course there is a family issue already. There always is, right? When someone dies, right? It's to long to explain. It's a money thing, of course.  Maybe someday I'll do a video log about it....but then again .....maybe I won't... I don't know.

Lets just say, I was good at listening to my intuition or mom guided me somehow to some things I needed to know. Either way, I found some shifty shit.  It ended with me and hubby digging through trash bags at my moms and our CSI  work paid off.

There has been several things that have piled on me like shit lately. I just don't feel like myself. I lost her somewhere along the way. Every now and then she pokes herself in to say hi or have a half of emotion, then ducks away to the numbness.

 Come on.bring it on. Let's see what I'm made of!

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