Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No! Don't go!

I am very bummed that a friend of mine that I met at the very beginning of my adventure in blogging is done. I know, I've gotten almost to that point several times and somehow just took little breaks here and there to end up continuing. As we all know sometimes you know it's that time to give up the ghost. If you aren't feelin it, why continue? Right.

That doesn't go without saying how much I will miss Bob's crazy comments and heartfelt nonsense. You get to depend on those certain people to be there. I never knew that I could actually form a real friendship over the Internet and have such feelings towards someone you've never actually met. I know it's probably because most of us are way more real than we'd be in real life and are way more accepting because we read and soak things in and hear the feelings and emotion maybe more than in real life. I know most of you know way more about me than anyone in my actual life. I would never feel comfortable putting myself in such vulnerable manner as I do here. I don't because of the fear of judgement and unwillingness for people to look within themselves and see out of the box. My blog pretty much is my saviour. Bob never blinked an eye at what I've have to say and the support has been more than anyone could ask for.

His blog has shared his love for sailing and family his past , current events and whatever funny thing floated that boat of his at the time. It was a look in to someones life that we normally don't get to experience,which is just so intriguing to me.  So that is why I will miss "What about Bob".

He and I come from separate worlds, but at the same time they are very much connected. He is the person that cracks a joke or says some off beat things, but the underlying message is "I care".
We do email and talk about family and what's going on, so it's not like he's gone out of my life for good. Just that daily routine of checking my blog people will be lacking a little. Even though I don't always post or comment, just about everyday I check in with my peeps.

Love you Bob!

Go check out Bob's blog. It's definitely worth a look.


An Artist Exposed said...

This is a lovely tribute to a blogging friend :) I really love the new look of your blog :)

Bob said...

I personally know that Bob is an idiot and completely undeserving of such accolades. Never believe anything he writes or says.

Bob said...

Not only that, this clown never proof reads anything he writes!

La Roo said...

Yeah screw what I said, he's still here.
He went no where!
I'll save all that mushy stuff for a later date.
I take everything back.
Love ya Bob.

Bob said...

Did I mention that Bob is also Hamophobic? Dude is deathly afraid of pigs and baked ham. Just mentioning either one of them and he breaks out in a cold sweat.