Monday, November 7, 2011

Is you underwear all a glow?

(First off, I need this light set.)

Saturday nights outfit was olive green and black. It was a very see thru short lingerie dress. I added a black cincher corset and wore my black short fingerless gloves with bows. My hair was straight and I wore a olive green Castro hat and adorned my neck with black Rosary beads. (I know, I'm going to Hell).The club's theme was "See-Thru"that particular night , and I think I pulled it off. Oh yeah, I wore a little green cardigan off my shoulders because I was frickin cold and that quickly came off when the hot little hostess of the party started giving me a lap dance. She said, can we take that off? So we did, and she tugged on the top part of the outfit with her teeth and nibbled on my breasts. Oh good gawd! Yummy!

Hubby was hot and handsome as always, and with a new cool outfit and shoes he was rockin it. I am totally turned on by his new found fashion sense. It's such a turn on to see your man put time and effort into himself. I can see extra confidence and the sexiness just radiates. Yay for me!

The whole night was pretty hot and we met a few cool couples and mostly just got crazy sexy on the dance floor with them. Hubby and I did end up playing in the same room as the other couples. No hooking up, but hubby and I got our groove on in many different rooms and it was just hot. We hung out talking with the other couples during and after sex and just had a blast being silly. 

On our drive home at 4:00am, we kept saying, "who the fuck are we"? 


Bob said...

Who the fuck are you? Well, you're redefining yourselves both individually and as a couple. It is going to take some time but you'll know who you have become one day.....sooner or later. You kids rock.

La Roo said...

I wish the redifining would be more defined. :)