Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I look so sheik!

 I have been on the stressy side but really couldn't understand why I was as down as I was. I've had depression before and it really takes you down. So I thought holy shit, here it comes. My head felt like someone had a vice grip on it and I had some aching behind my legs. My eyes were watery. The last few days I just felt crappy. Plus I have some issues with my sister that have come to a head. We have sought help and it's just drumming up all kinds of stuff that is so very hard to talk about. Plus, I've been dubbed the "sensitive soul". It just happened that a head cold decided to work its way into the mess and
rear its ugly head. I'm a bit thankful it's just that and I haven't succumb to the full depression monster.


Anonymous said...

Hi La Roo!

I hope you don't mind:

Just scroll down page. Let me know if I should delete the pic.


Thinking and Being

An Artist Exposed said...


sending good vibes...

willadean said...

for sure hugs! and maybe some chix soup would help too? xoxoxoo

La Roo said...

IB138- Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I don't think it's a big deal. Maybe I should, but for some reason I don't.