Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink Lincoln

~Mark Ryden~

In my world, he's the bomb!
He's on the top of my list of favorite contemporary artists.

Go to his site and check out his work.

I'm actually very proud of a friend of mine. She is showing in a recent show called
"Speak for the trees", with this guy.
She is an awesome artist and is hanging her work now with the best of the best.
Quite an accomplishment.
Bravo to her, although she will never see this blog. :)


La Roo said...

Mark Ryden unlike Dali in his surreal world is making conscious decisions.
He equates Lincoln with Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food empire), both being both more icon than human because of their legendary status and enduring fascination. Bringing both worlds over the top.
Bees and bunnies and the pink symbolize other things to bring the pieces together.
Many of his art work has meat in it because he is intrigued by the way it looks. He finds meat significant to life and how there is a disconnection between the consumption and the reality of its preparation.
I could go on and on and bore the shit out of you.
Just check him out
He's got some very thought provoking nostaligic work.

CarynSKA said...

For some reason watching the video really made me think of being at The Hall of Presidents at Disney World.
Thanks for sharing!