Thursday, July 14, 2011

Artist without a gallery

I feel lost without our gallery.
It's taken me several months to feel this way, but Wham! it's hit me.

I do have a piece accepted into the OC fair this year.
Fair opens tomorrow and runs about a month. Good showing there, lots of people attend.
Plus I've entered a show in Laguna Beach, that I don't know if I've been juried in or out yet.
I'm still floundering on a piece I started a couple months ago, just not into painting.
I need some focus.

I know this sounds a bit on the down side and it's really not....I'm just sayin.
I actually feel pretty good.

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Bob said...

Several ideas:

Form a coop with with other artists and together rent a store front.

Hang your art in several restaurants with a for sale price posted to it.

Craigslist: Advertise locally and see what happens. . . one piece at a time.

Is there a farmer's market where you live? Here, artists are allowed to display and sell their work at the weekly market.