Friday, June 10, 2011

A little piece of heaven.

I have to let the secret out.
Next time your standing in line at a check out stand and you see these little L Frances caramels sitting all alone in a jar or basket and buy a couple. Then as fast as you can, run out to the car. Get in, put you seat back, unwrap an L Frances caramel and let it take you to a very happy place. Ohhhhh Yuuuuuummmmmeeee.
Yep they are that good. Today after shopping at Ace Hardware we picked some up in the check out line. When we got in the car and I had my first bite, I moaned mmmmmmmmmmmmm and slid down in my seat a little. Hubby says, I think you just had an orgasm, huh? Pretty close, I said. :) He says I'm going to wrap one of those around my dick and have you give me a blow job.
That could be interesting. Maybe we need to go back and get some more?

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ChiTown Girl said...

Could be a little sticky, but still sounds interesting. ;-)