Friday, April 15, 2011

Not a Peep!

I have a love hate relationship with these cute but nasty little sugary things.
I love their cuteness, but hate how they taste.

Our holiday is Easter. Not in a religious way. (and yes, I know I'm going to hell.)

It's all about the Easter Bunny, peeps, hiding eggs, potluck and getting together with friends and family. In fact, this year we will be having Easter Saturday instead of Easter Sunday. The majority of my family is very churchy, so with the 5 thousand different church services that day it's hard to plan to get together. (yes, we are the black sheep of the family) They still love us and want to be a part of our festivities on Saturday. ( or should I say, we still love them?)

Our main holiday is Easter because we have a tiny house and big backyard. During this holiday the weather is pretty predictable so we can have it outside for most parts. This year the attendance will be about 30-34. I have to rent tables and get my act together this week for the little activities I have planned. Plus house cleaning and yard work. Hubby has put almost 2000lbs of rock in one flowerbed this week and has another 2000lbs to go on the other flowerbed. Wheeew! Having a party really makes you get stuff done.

The Peep decorating contest is my favorite. I have bought a bunch of Peeps and have crafty shit, some glue and random things gathered for people to glue on and decorate the little yellow birds. It sounds dumb, and it is. But it's fun and it has been really interactive in the past. It's amazing how some people really get into it. We all vote at the end and whomever has the most votes get a frivolous prize, like a chocolate bunny or whatever.

(No, they don't end up like the ones pictured above........I could only wish)

I also have a little egg hunt. Little plastic eggs that either have candy or some little trinket or a paper that says adult gift or kid gift. For the adult or kid gifts we have to 2huge Kapock trees in the back that I will hang (or hubby will hang) the cellophane gift bags from. Purple streamers with a bag, adults can pick from. Blue streamers with a bag kids can pick from. Gifts are just little dumb stuff from the dollar store.....Swedish Fish Candy, Pop Rocks, Little books, Chocolate bunny, inflatable beach ball, funny glasses, wind up get the picture.

We have the ham and drinks and all the goings on and the rest will bring their chaotic selves and all kinds of potluck dishes,

I will try to post some of the Peep contest photos after the big shindig.

My favorite picture from above is the pole dancing Peep, of course.


ChiTown Girl said...

My favorite is the pole dancing peeps, too. I've posted it on my blog for the past 3 years in honor of Easter. I was saving it for next week. ;-)

Bob said...

The pack of Camels reminded me of a old riddle passed around when I was a kid. Check out my blog Sat.

Bob said...

BTW Laroo: One variety of peeps now come with a chocolate coating on their bottoms. Bought a three pak for Gracie Sunday who promptly made quick business of her peeps "brunch". Guess they were pretty tasty.

La Roo said...

ChiTown Girl- We have good taste!

Bob- I have had the chocolate coated ones that are completely coated and individually wrapped and I hate to admit...I actually liked them. (the dark chocolate one)
The Peep in those is a bit different than a normal Peep. I am going to have to try the ones you talk about with just the bottoms dipped.

L0nestar5 said...

2nd one down at first looked like the marshmallows were eyeballs, but I figured it out. (Thought it was something out of the Simpsons.)

Stripper bunnies for peeps is my fave too. I printed it a year or so ago and left it behind some machines at my work. I got canned, but rehired later on in a different capacity, and the guy that is in my old position found it. It was a huge hit!

Best thing to do with peeps is to put one on plate in the microwave for a few seconds on high. It's fun AND they taste better too! It's even better if they are a little stale, so hang onto a box after Easter and try it out!