Friday, April 1, 2011


I hate fish!
No,really anyway you make it, I don't like it.
But I do however love wasabi with soy sauce so I always craved to like sushi.

People always pushed me towards the California roll that has crab (or krab with a with a "K", because it's immitation crab) and avacado and I think cucumber, all wrapped in rice. I've tried it and it was almost ok. Still had that seafoody taste because of the the Nori which is the black seaweed paper they wrap around it and still not so much on the "krab". And oh good gawd the after taste of fish is nasty to me.

So what I'm getting to is I have found sushi for me!!!! It's non-sushi!!! It's a vegetable roll, which most of the time has Nori (the seaweed) wrapped around it. But I found the remedy to that and it's soy paper. Not fishy (good thing).

So the non-sushi....sushi roll I have them make me has cucumber, avocado, jalapeno, rolled with rice and soy paper with sesame seeds. I mix my wasabi in the soy and dip it and Yummmmmmm!
I am hooked, why didn't I think of asking for other options in the first place???

Here's the funny part. Since my new found love of non-sushi, we have eaten it about 10 times in the last 3 weeks.
Seriously I'm hooked.

Although we've tried several different sushi places, we actually found the little hole in the wall right by our house is one of the best. Yay for me! And Yay for hubby he gets to eat sushi (the real stuff) which he loves.

It's a win win.

I know the pictures are sideways, I didn't feel like fixing them.


Bob said...

I love sushi just like your hubby. Bring it on. No fake veggie crap, please. No fake krab krap either.

Cow sushi is also cool, very 21st century and delish. You might try to wrap your head around a little of that. It's yummy, girl.

La Roo said...

It's not fake veggie crap, it's real veggie crap and I like it. ;)
I have had cow sushi and it was too big to eat and fell a part easy. Not fun.

Bob said...

is too is too is too is too!

La Roo said...

You're a brat Bob!

Bob said...

Thank you. I take pride in that.

eva said...

Veggie sushi is fantastic and healthier for the fish too;) It's the soy sauce/ginger/wasabi/saucestuff that gives sushi most of the taste anyway... I wish I could convince myself that veggie sushi isn't "lacking" anything, and that I like the texture and freshness of veggies as much as the raw fish, as I don't like to support cruelty and suffering.. I love fish, they are amazing and sentient and sadly not treated as such. But they're too tasty for me to live up to my moral values for now. Sigh.