Friday, April 22, 2011

First sighting

White, middle class girl growing up with the parents equivilent to Ward and June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver). Being an overly protected, underdeveloped 8 year old seeing breasts for the first time was quite a shock. National Geographic was where I first layed eyes on the mammories. Not having them myself and not a clue that these would grow from my body someday it just seemed like such and oddity.(My mother was dressed by the time she left her bedroom every morning, so I hadn't even seen hers)
My first penis was around the same time, when neighbor boy Jason lost his shorts diving into their pool.I just remember staring and being real quiet, not knowing what to think or do.

Those were my first exposures.
What were yours?


Jim said...

La Roo-

As a young boy, I do recall taking a bath with my mother. I must have been 4 maybe 5 at the most.

My house wasn't the Cleaver's, my Mother was not shy about walking around in a full slip but it was not open nudity in the house.

I remember National Geographic was my source of nudity also.

I can easily be a nudist. The second wife and I enjoy being nude and going to nude beaches. When I was in Florida I went to several nudist resorts, my current wife is very modest, even with me. What a change.

As for a male, it was when I was in junior high school in gym class.

Then I had experience with a guy I worked for over several years.

Bob said...

I loves flapjacks. Can't get enough.