Friday, March 4, 2011

My box came in a box.

The tall skinny box came in a square box a little bit bigger than a card table. It was flat and folded in half. That answers my question. Now I have two boxes for the price of one.
I can now hope when I send the painting next week that it gets to its destination in good shape. I'm going to pack the heck out of it.

If I could only be a fly on the wall when they see it.


Anonymous said...

What a bonus! I wonder if you ordered two boxes would you get 4 or would they squeeze the 2 into one box and only get 3? If the price for 2 was double the price of 1 and they put them both in one box, then there profit would go up. Some how, I never think we actually get anything for free. But it is nice when it seems that way.

Jim :)

Bob said...

Wifey came that way, too. I got two boxes for the price of one wife. She's sooooo talented.

BTW: When can we see the painting you're sending off. I so want to check it out, girl.