Friday, March 25, 2011

Coconut cupcake

A grainy cell phone photo taken by hubby tonight at one of our favorite vintage clothing stores. My friends and owner all said I looked like I had a coconut cupcake on my head. I love hats!


Bob said...

Are we talking coconut or co-co nuts? I'm thinking a hat that's co-co (or coo-coo) with nuts on top would be a hoot, don't you?

Great to see you out enjoying the good life, Laroo.

La Roo said...

How about the hat is coo coo and I'm nuts?
No matter how you look at it the hat is killer.

Bob said...

The coconut hat reminds me of a version that was used to cover the heads of comely ladies (Wifey being one of them) to keep the curls intact as they rode shotgun/skier observer in back in the day flat bottom drag boats.