Sunday, February 6, 2011

It was a packed house.

We had a blast and now we can breathe. It's back to business as usual. We are guessing about 200 people came through Friday night.


Bob said...

Wow, what a venue! Big, bright and classy. Looks like there was a nice turn out. . . were there eats, too?

Reason I asked is that the gallery opening I attended last Friday night was packed, too. Like 1/2 for the art and the other half for the eats. Like some homeless old people showed up and scarfed up on a lot of food.

I wanted to ask, "Are you getting enough to eat? Would you like a doggie bag to haul some of this shit home in?" Once the homeless old people started pawing through the food any notion I had about snacking at the gallery was long gone.

Good luck in the new gallery. It's definitely top shelf stuff.

La Roo said...

Bob-There were eats.
veggies and dips
basil tortellini
cheese and crackers
water and sodas

Actually its not the homeless so much scarfing it down it's the kids. The people who bring them just let them stand there and plow down the table while they look around ad shmooze. The other is the teenagers that hang out in this area. They come diving in trying to look like they belong and all interested and then grab a handfull of whatever and bail.
If you want to enjoy the nice array of food, you do it at the beginning of a show.That's for sure.

It was a great turn out and I'm am so proud of this new place. I definitely can't scoff at the old place, but this place is the bomb! I'm beside myself with excitement. I never thought in a million years I would have a place like this and be showing my work. It's very unreal to me.