Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walk and Roll


ChiTown Girl said...

You should do whatever YOU are comfortable with, and screw anyone else's opinion on the matter. Like you said, nobody else lives your life, so they have no business even HAVING an opinion about your walking/not walking.

I am glad, though, to hear that you're feeling stronger these days. Whether that means you spend more time out of your chair or not is up to you. I would hate to hear that you hurt yourself because you were trying to please someone else, ya know?

You look prettier and prettier to me every time I see you in a video.

So sorry to hear about your mom. I will say a prayer for her.

BTW, there seemed to be some sort of weird high-pitched sound going on in your video. Maybe it was just my computer? I don't know, but it was hurting my ears. :( It kinda sounded like a smoke alarm or something.

L0nestar5 said...

If you want to try something that will be good for you once you get stronger, a good Tai-Chi or Qigong class might be a plan. There are several Qigong forms you can do sitting too, but in your case, the standing ones might be a good plan. Good for balance and such. (I do Sheng Zhen Qigong. Good stuff. You can find some of it on YouTube.)
The short forms of Tai-Chi are good for leg strengthening and balance too.

That's my 2¢.

marquisdgore said...

I second everything ChiTown Girl had to say.

Except for the high pitched squeal

La Roo said...

ChiTown Girl- I really am just kind of going with the flow and see what comes of it. But you're right I have to do what I am comfortable with. I do want to give it a go and just be open to a new day and new beginnings. If it doesn't happen...I can feel like I tried at least.
Thank you for such sweet comments. I don't know about the high pitched thing.

L0nestar5-Good Idea, I will maybe look into something like that. The disease I have effects my central nervous system and my balance is way off. Being more in touch with that might be something I need. I like your 2cents. Thanks.

marquisdgore-I second everything I said to Chitown Girl.

Bob said...

I don't know a lot about the Tai Chi or Qigong stuff. Actually, I know nothing. But I was thinking that Long Dong exercises might be helpful if not very fulfilling.

La Roo said...

Bob- You are spot on!!!!~Leave it to you.