Thursday, January 27, 2011

I can't?

So standing in line at Weight Watchers yesterday a lady asked me how I was doing (refering to weight loss) and I replied not great. I told her I just stay the same I go up a pound down a pound, but I just stay basically the same. The next thing out of her mouth is, "Well, you can't work out". I quickly reply, "I work out three times a week". She was taken back, which is just weird and then we uncomfortably went our separate ways.

The meeting this week was about getting out and moving. Whatever you are doing physically do it ten minutes more. Basically step it up. Hubby and I glance at each other and giggle because we know what we are going to do 10 minutes more that gets our heart rate up. Hmmmmm.

At the end of the meeting this monster lady in this monster mobility scooter squeezes through the crowd and stops at me and says, "yeah like what are we supposed to do"? (Equating me to herself.) (eeew) Anyways, I once again quickly reply, "I work out three times a week." She says,"only your upper body though?" Me, "no my whole body". Squeezing her lips together in disbelief and not expecting to hear that, gets hearded out with the rest of the crowd.

Like I've said before I'm not a hard body, but I do keep my body moving. I ride the bicycle for about 8-10 minutes, I do every weight machine I can do. I lift 5-8 pound free weights. I do crunches (which is funny to see cause I have a rod in my back.)
A couple times a week I do excercise in bed (no not sex)........Ok that to. :)

I share this because it's frustrating to me and it is so typical of people saying shit before they think. Instead of assuming I don't excercise, ask me....."can you work out?"


Bob said...

I understand how frustrating it must be. This said, have more sex, my dear. Sex for 1/2 hour burns 144 calories. Blow jobs lasting a half hour are worth 100 calories. Here's the list:

Kind on the subject....I hate it when I hurt my back and the doctor says that I cannot and should not lift anything heavy. The doc even has me sitting down to take a leak instead of standing up 'cause he doesn't want me lifting more than five pounds.....

La Roo said...

Oh, we are all about burning calories with sex. You know that.
Five pound dick , huh. You are amazing. Your body must get quite the workout when you have an erection.
Abs all the way!!

Jim said...

Exercising can be difficult with a disability. I suffer from spinal stenosis and have a difficult time lifting my feet and with my left arm. But I exercise daily. I got a Total Gym a few weeks ago. Allows me to work out at home. I support your efforts.

Jim :)