Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Whats up doc?

I pride myself these days of not having to see a doctor, with the excepting of an ear infection or some stupid thing like that.

A couple weeks ago I reluctantly made an appointment at the gynecologist. Today I go and I'm nervous. I've been experiencing some low times mentally about a week before and during my period. I think some of the results of that have even shown up here on my blog. I have been kind of tracking it now and have found that I just really get down at that time. It's not a pretty sight and I can't control it. At those times I just feel desperate and sad. It's pretty pitiful and I'm not proud of it.

Another thing I pride myself on is getting off all the meds I've been put on. I've taken some serious drugs because the doctors tried fix everything that way. That is just wrong! I have been on antidepressants years ago and it was not good. I really don't think I'm depressed. I've been depressed and this isn't how it felt. It didnt come and go, it stuck around for the long haul. I have dealt with my body long enough to know it pretty well and I think it might be hormonal??? I don't know.

My main fear about going other than the doc trying to put me on antidepressants is the dreaded blood test. Oh good gawd. We all have our fears and that is one of mine. I'm almost certain they are going to have to give me a blood test to see what's going on with me. Not lately because I haven't really done the whole doctor thing, but in my crazy medical past I've been poke and prodded. ( not in a good way). and they can never find my veins and end up fishing around while my stupid veins roll to the side. They always end up taking it out of my wrist and it comes out super slow and it hurts. Yes, I'm ashamed but I usually end up crying. I'm such a baby when it comes to this particular thing. Oh gawd, let's get it over with!!!~

We'll just have to see what comes about........


Bob said...

The local blood draw in the neighborhood shopping center has a lazy boy for those of us who need to get that mind over matter frame of mind before being "needled". I usually tell them to give me a minute and that I'll let them know when to draw the blood. Don't even look. Close your eyes. Think of other things. Bingo. It's a done deal.

Works for me. But I still hate it.

marquisdgore said...

i agree that blood tests are the worst. Nobody likes them and it always seems that the job is handled by some very young trainee nurse.

Absolute worst is the back of the hand.

In ICU after my triple bypass surgery, blood was drawn 4 times a day. NOT from the already attached IV stents but from the inside elbow or more often the back of the hand.

The midnight blood draw was handled by a young male nurse who hit a bone there everytime. I promised him faithfully I would find him once I was released and kill him.

The hospital saved his life by firing him for incompetence.

I still remember his name and features after 10 years and I WILL kill him if I see him again.

We feel your pain

C said...

i was just going to mention hormonal check, cuz thats what it sounds like... also, if it is that, i know you hate taking meds, but actually there are bio identical compounds that you rub on like a cream and made from all natural herbs and ingredients.. nothing chemical. and they work. my sisters are on the creams.

good luck..

weeder said...

Last time I had to have blood drawn, I was lucky enough to have a very sexy nurse doing it. I took one long look at her, formed a nice mental picture of her in my mind's eye, closed my eyes and told her to do her thing. I tried to block the pain by thinking of her getting down on her knees and giving me a wicked blowjob. The longer it took and the more pain I felt, the harder I imagined she was sucking me. By the end of it, she had her vial of blood and I had a raging hard-on. I was almost red-faced and breathing heavy. It took a few minutes for my erection to subside, so I made an excuse for staying put in my chair. I thanked her for the experience, and she just giggled and said that she doesn't get many thanks. I don't think she knew exactly what I was thanking her for. Anyhow, after that I went home, watched some online porn and rubbed out a good one.

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get a Brad Pitt or Matt Damon lookalike?

L0nestar5 said...

The worst is when you get someone that can't find a vein to save their own life. They tend to dig around for it which is the WRONG thing to do. Might get lucky and have it done by someone that payed attention in class and hits it the 1st time every time.
I am hoping this for you.