Saturday, December 25, 2010

It pays to be naughty.

Santa brought me bondage ropes, a corset dress, a tube of Old Holland Titanium White oil paint, gift card for art supply place. Santa brought hubby naughty lingerie (for me) a vibrating cock ring, a hat, shirt, belt, a pair of Converse All Stars.

All in all today was light hearted and much more fun than yesterday.

Magic sparkly things are coming from hubby's head, huh?


Bob said...

Sounds nice. Memorable. You guys got stuff I always wanted but Santa never brought. Like the cock ring. Many years ago I go a cock as a present. Real deal: Company party for the supermarket I worked for. I was given a large present to open. . . it seemed kind of suspicious. I opened it and out popped a rooster who then proceeded to run the hell all over the house and up the walls until he was caught. Ha. Memorable moment in the life of Bob.

A cock but no cock ring. Story of my life I guess.....

As for "Magic, sparkly things, coming from hubby's head"? Please clarify: The big head or the little one?


Take care of that hubby of yours....he's definitely a keeper, Laroo.

marquisdgore said...

Very nice family portrait

Sparklies makes him look like a cartoon drunk. :)

Not saying that in a bad way

Have a good New year

momentextase said...

OMG, look what you did to your hubby! Sparkly things indeed!!
Looks like Santas been sliding in your chimney?? -you naughty girl? That's the way! Keep it up, make the holiday you own and keep putting the XXX into X-mas! Merry XXX-mas and a happy nude year!

La Roo said...

Bob-I would have loved to seen your face when the rooster came out of the box. That's great!!
Maybe you need to put a request into Santa for some adult toys. Have you done that before?
Haven't used the cock ring yet, I'll let you know how it goes. It has a small vibrator on it. So that will be interesting.
I'm definitely keeping my hubby.

marquisdgore- Happy holidays...long time no see.
Sparklies do give that conked in the head seeing stars effect, huh?

Momentextase- I was seeing those stars after he got a hold of me. :)Santa has had his work cut out for him lately.
There is really no sense in being really is pretty boring. Naughty has a lot more fun~! :)
Happy Holidays!!