Thursday, November 11, 2010

You're out!

Well we got our 30 day notice at our art gallery. We have had a good run on it. Almost 2 years to the date.

We have been in this prime area for almost no rent for this long. The space normally costs about $6000. a month and we've gotten to have it for a portion of our sales.They didn't want empty spaces on this well known block and wanted to have art there, so we were chosen. It's been a good run and now the economy is picking up and places are starting to be filled again. We are losing it to a Cupcakery. Which sounds yummy to me and I wish them well. We were told that there is a possibility that we might have a chance for one of the other open buildings on this same street. We can only hope. The owner and management really like us and that is a plus.

This is bitter sweet for me. It has opened some major doors for me personally and I have grown in so many ways. I hate to see it go but if it has to, I can only hope I can use it as a huge learning experience use it to my advantage.


Bob said...

Sorry to hear about an art truck that also sells cookies, cupcakes and ice cream? Sweets for the eyes, sweets for the tummy.

marquisdgore said...

Once again life proves it can take a dump in your lap at any time. At the same time it always presents new opportunities - if you can recognize them.

Learn from the experience and roll on LaRoo.

We all wish you good fortune.

La Roo said...

Actually something good did come up. We just found out the owner of these buildings wants to give a another space on the same block!!! Yay!! Our gallery will continue for a bit more. We wil have to do some work on it and then we can get it up and running.

I would love a truck Bob...someday.