Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Committee

Yes, as in Itty Bitty Titty.

This is one of my latest pieces. It's 3.5" x 3.5".

It is actually what I'm considering my slap back at someone who totally has disregarded me every time I share an idea or give a suggestion. We have announcements that we send and give out a couple weeks before one of our openings. The person who volunteers to do this (we all have jobs we aren't paid to do with the gallery)just happens to be a graphic designer. Which is all good and does a pretty nice job. That's my issue, and I know this sounds bad and I probably shouldn't complain. It's nice, that's the problem. It's frickin plain and simple nice. I know we need to stay consistent with Gallery fonts and info but every time the images look like Martha Stewart threw up all over the announcement.
I try to give suggestions about giving the name of the show and image a twist to spur intrigue towards the show and about 4- 5 times have been told that either that my suggestions are to dark (in nature) or that she's the designer, basically just scoffed at and or ignored. I probably should leave it alone, but I feel I have good ideas that would be well received. I would just do them myself but her husband has them printed at his work and it costs nearly nothing. Printing can get quite costly and with our galleries little budget it has been very helpful. Maybe I'm kicking a gift horse in the mouth? I can't help it.
Where the slap back is coming from is this particular piece shown above. The gallery member/graphic designer has disregarded my input for this next show once again and has asked each member to send one of there pieces to be used on the announcement. The example that she sent was a little still life of a bowl of cherries. How sweet. How nice. How boring.
So I made a point of painting this just for her and her husband, even though I have others that I could have sent. These people are ultra conservative, uptight, know it alls. When we first started the gallery they didn't want me to put one of my nude paintings in the front of the gallery because it might be offensive to some people. Hello!!! It was a nice mellow side view of a nude. Hello!! How long have artists been painting nudes? At the time I went along with there shenanigans and it was funny because when it did sell (in the back gallery) they were the ones working and had to sell it. I woud not put up with that shit now, believe you me. I was trying to be nice since we were all so new in the business.
So, if they aren't going to take my ideas, I'm going to give them something that I know they will make them cringe. I will continue to do so until I am heard. I know this isn't that wild of a piece, but it is to them.
I'm ornery and I like it.


La Roo said...

I think next time I should paint the image from my previous post. :)
Chica, Liss or Sequoia, I might need some pictures to paint from. :)

Bob said...

And how about Bob? My boobs are sort of nice, too.....

Love the content of your latest work. And when people bitch about it . . . or if they do, start singing at the top of your lungs: I GOTTA BE MEEEE, I GOTTA BE MEEEEE!!

You know how it goes. You go girl.

Bigger said...

Just let them push you out the door into your very on gallery. And then sell the $hit out of the nudish paintings.

ChiTown Girl said...

Love it!! Both the painting, and you 'tude! :)

La Roo said...

Bob- oh my gawd how could I have forgotten!!! I'm sure you have great man tits.
It's not easy being me. :) But thanks.

Bigger-They can push but we are the ones with the name on the lease. I guess they could leave??? They are good artists though, just conflicting personalities. You get that everywhere, huh?

ChiTown Girl- Thanks, I'm ornery. That can would to my benefit or kick me in the butt.

momentextase said...

Very cool painting/drawing LaRoo!!

Regarding your issue with the graphics designer, these conflicts come up all the time, hey-we are all different!

When I am faced with these situations I ask myself four important questions.

"What is my desired outcome?"
"What can I do to get my outcome?"
..and then after I come up with a plan I ask myself:
"Is what I am planning going to get me my outcome?"
"Is there anything in my plan that would keep me from getting my outcome?"

Also, I have found direct communications work best, expecially when there are divergent personalities and business involved.

Perhaps sitting down with your graphics designer and having a serious talk??

Just tell her you feel you are being disrespected, explain exactly how you are being disrespected -and let her know something has to change?

Conflicts (of opinion, values or anything) are one thing, deal with them directly. But power struggles or control dramas never result in any resolution and over time will result in a toxic environment.

Do not be afraid to face the possibility that your gallery may not be big enough for both of you.