Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Art car

These pictures above are Art Cars at the Burning Man Festival. The one at the bottom is one we are looking at buying to make ours for when we go. We've been looking at old Marketeer golf carts and utility carts of all kinds. We would transform it into something else, of course. This would basically be the guts to a float/ Art Car. We are having fun looking into these little vehicles. Burning Man is such a huge place, I need something that can get me from point A to Point B besides my wheelchair or bicycle. Plus, it's frickin fun! When we find the one we want and buy it I will update you on what we will turn it into.


Bob said...

Make it an Oscar Meyer weenie wagon . . . you've seen them. And put a condom over the end of the giant weenie! Then you'd have a loudspeaker system with huge speakers playing the Oscar Meyer weenie song. . . and you could throw weenies at everyone you drove by. You'd be sooooo talked about . . . and known as the Weenie Woman! :)

La Roo said...

Weenie wagon has been done. Need to do something different.
It would be hilarious to throw weenies though!!!
Some couod take Weenie Woman as chick with a dick?????

L0nestar5 said...

That looks like an old-school Cushman buggy. (I think they had a similar make one in Austin Powers in Goldmember. He got it stuck in the hallway.)
Could be fun for an art car, but if you put a lift and added some safety sides or maybe a way to lash your chair in, it would be a cool way to get you around way easier.
They used those in factories ages ago.

momentextase said...


Link to a famous art car:


That little bit of the MASSIVE deuceofclubs web site describes the entire adventures of the art car Whip-It in both prose and pictures.

The maniacs behind deuceofclubs also are the ones who discovered and made the famous Mojave Phonebooth so famous. Cneck out the entire site, will provide you months of fun and whimsey... plus a bit of inspiration.