Monday, August 2, 2010

Fuckit buckit suckit

Someone asked a while ago, "what is on your bucket list"?
My response was, "I don't have one". I said, "I'm pretty satisfied with my life".
It kind of bothers me that I don't have one. I'm sure there are things I would like to do. Maybe stuff I have thought just weren't possible. Does one have a personal bucket list that they keep to themselves and one to share with whomever wants to know?
You would think with the imagination I have, this would come with ease. Not so much. I don't care to jump out of a plane, hike some huge mountain (tough, but could be done), go on a huge shopping spree, drive a race car, hot air balloon or the regular stuff most people want to do. Is a bucket list things that have to be done or a satisfaction level one reaches? Can it be fantasy or does it have to be reality? There are things I like and I feel I.............anyways for instance.....I love watching people dance and would just love to dance, I love birds ( think they are so cute), I've always yearned to wear high heels (actually walk in them), I love burlesque(the sexy tease), I liked smoking and drinking. I also have a business that I know will never happen, but is the bomb. I can't share it because I'll have to kill you.
So I always say, "In my next life, I will come back as a sexy dancing bird in high heels who drinks and smokes and runs this business which is kick ass.
I have my own personal fantasy goals, that may or may not ever happen but........
Yeah, that's not the bucket list everyone talks about. Hmmmmm.
I'll have to think about it.


Luv said...

I'm with you on this one. Bucket list is for goal orientated people that don't know what they really want in life. It appears that you are contented, so you are really in a happy place. As you said, fuckit, buttit, suckit. I can do with all three, may be in different order.

Tim said...

Sounds like a great bucket list to me LaRoo. Being in a happy place should be number 1 on any list! I am not going to list a bunch of frustrations for myself. What a set up. A sweet bowl of cereal with a fresh banana, a good laugh, a pretty girl smiling at me and winking. Those are the things that make life work! You have a great list. Of course you know that we all want to know just what your secret business is..what a teaser that was!

Bob said...

I have lots of "uck" lists:

Chuck it list
Suck it up list
Fuck it list
Muck it up list
Tuck it away list
Buck up list
Duck! list
Luck list (for Vegas)
Yuck! (things not to eat) list

There's always something "uck!) to do. Ya think, Laroo? :)

Bigger said...

"sexy dancing bird in high heels who drinks and smokes"

I just want to be your bartender in your next life.

La Roo said...

Luv-I think I am pretty content.

Tim- You're right about being in the happy place, for sure. I've finally gotten here and I look around and I like it. Are there things or situations I'd like to expand on? Sure. Will I? Not sure. But life is good. As for the secret business, all I can say is that it is sweet. :)

Bob- I like your uck list. It's way better than an uckit (or ucket) list. :) Maybe I need to start soul searching there a bit more.

Bigger-I will definitely come to your bar. Who else would dance on the tables??? :)