Saturday, June 5, 2010


Just cruising through blog upon blog, I stumbled upon this picture on a blog called The Selby. It's really not about the photograph for me, though it is pretty great. It's all about the fact of it being too cool having a swing in your living room. How neat is that?
I wish I had room for one. I think I would be on it all the time. Swinging is so relaxing. Unless of course it's a sex swing. Those intrigue me also.


Luv said...

It would be really neat to have a swing in the house. I've seen a bucket type that has a hole at the bottom so if you sit in it naked your private and bottom would be sticking out and they can be conveniently reached in many ways. You get me all excited again, La Roo. I was okay until you say sex swing.


Bob said...

I was thinking of the other kind of swinging.

Bigger said...

Thats like outdoors in

Gray said...

I have seen home improvement shows where the ceilings were so high they had to swings in between the kitchen and dining room. I was in awe and like you I want! hehehe

La Roo said...

Luv-A bucket?? I can't picture it. :)

Bob- Of course you were. What else would you be thinking. Does Bob swing?

Bigger- Absolutely. It is kind of like throwing a ball in the house. It's something associated with being outside, but there's never a real good reason why it can't be inside.

Gray-I wish I saw that show. It's sounds like it was cool.

momentextase said...

Space does not have to be a limitation. The handy sorts can put eye bolts in the ceiling rafters where you can easily and temporarily hang a swing, lamp, plant... whatever. Just be sure to use bolts (not lag screw types) and that you attach to rafters, or a stout timber spanning the rafters.

Also there are free standing swings that can be easily erected and then taken apart. One friend has one of these that she just leaves up but she hangs a vine with when not in its "intended"!

These are way fun and really come into their own for parties.