Thursday, March 4, 2010

These breasts need to be set free.

These are the reject photos they took for my passport yesterday. The process is on the way and it makes me all a flutter thinking about our trip. The thought of being free of clothes and worries delights me no end. It's not without saying that I am a little nervous about going to Mexico. Will I be able to get around, will the airlines beat up my chair,Will the shuttle be able to fit my chair, are we targets because I'm in a chair, will people be nice and respectful at the resort? All kinds of stupid shit going through my mind. Its not worth it I know, but some of it is pretty valid in my mind. Just get me there, take of the clothes, bake in the sun and have some fun.
These breasts need to run and play and be free!!


Bob said...

I've a friend who loves her breasts to be free, too. When without a bra she says that she's "free boobin'". A passport like this (as shown on the post - mugshot and breasts) would certainly get the attention of immigration.

I appreciate your caution and hesitation to travel in Mexico. But to hear those talk who have been there/done that or are living there, the chance you'll be victimized is as about as probable as being struck by lightning. I think just exercising common sense is the key to a happy trip.

Sparkle Plenty is a free boob zone in case you were wondering. :)

I just love free boobing Laroo.

Richard said...

The passport photo, and your breasts look just fine. Keep them free.
Most of Mexico is pretty safe. Just stay away from the border towns.

Crash said...

- ahhh mate - you'll be fine, but as i am the king of anxiety and a noted worrier of things that may never happen, i can respect your trepidation ...

BUT!!! you're going somewhere and getting ya gear off - YAY!!! surely the chance to get sunburnt in places where one normally only gets sweat rash is worth the dread ... course it is!! ...

have a ball eh? [in fact, ... have as many as you can fit in ya mouth ;)...]

Lmao @ "freeboobing" too...

Charlotte Green said...

Wish i was comming with you.

La Roo said...

Bob-Do you think they would just pass me through or detain me?
I know I'm being a worry wart. Things that are new are always a big deal to me. Then I experience whatever and I'm ok. My mind gets a little carried away.
Do you ever see a booby when your bobbin on the Sparkle Plenty?

Richard- We are going to Cancun, so I think we'll be ok. Like I said to Bob, It's just all new and new things I'm a little leary of.

Crash-You're too funny. I plan on burning my buns, although I do put on sunscreen. So my cancer will come on slower. You're going to laugh. The first thought I had when I read....."have as many as you can fit in your mouth" was how does one practice that? Maybe by shoving large marshmallows in your mouth. :) That's my whacked brain...and I'm sticking with it.

Charlotte- You can come, make the reservation.

momentextase said...

As far as I can tell La Roo, those breasts ARE free! Even when covered up!

I lurk here, but have not posted for ages.

I was raised 3 miles from the Mexican border, travel a lot, my best friend is Mexican, been everywhere there including small villages, so I know Mexico fairly well.

First, Cancun (even thought it is huge with 1 million+ people)is probably the safest big place in Mexico, and safer than some places in the USA.

Desire Cancun is great, attracts classy clients, so you will be just fine there!

If you plan to be out and about in town, you have some valid concerns because there is a lot of petty theft, like anywhere else! I strongly advise you to travel light out and about, avoid carrying a purse in town and keep your money and ID in a money belt, or wallet, etc. Watch out for the Taxi scams. Be firm with the street and airport hustlers, say no and mean it.

Violent crime is a non-issue for you in Cancun unless you take really stupid chances, flirt with the drug scene, etc.

Airlines. Check to see if they will allow you to go to the restroom in flight. Seriously! Southwest prohibits this now on some flights! Also, if what you take is worth over $500, get it insured, maybe your chair too. Airlines will not pay more than $500 for any loss unless you have arrainged for extra coverage.

Mexico is a very Catholic country, so don't press your luck in public, even in the public places in the resort. Respect Desire's rules, even if you see others ignore them. On the other hand, we love to get naked, we love to fuck, we love to watch people fucking and to be watched fucking. If thats your thing, you will have a blast in the playroom.

Be respectfull of the Mexicans, including hotel staff. The biggest mistake Americans make in Mexico is to be inadvertantly (or intentionally) condecending, IMPATIENT and unconciously patronizing.

An example of being unconciously patronizing is to refer to the Mexican language as "Spanish"... or anythng else Mexican as "Spanish"... as if that makes things more acceptable than it being Mexican! They are Mexican, and they are VERY proud of that! And they have a right to be. Us Americans may be comparatively rich money wise, but they are rich in ways we are not. Their lifes revolve around family, not status, not money.

Yes, there is a criminal and violent element there. But BY FAR most Mexicans are sweet, ultra hospitable and very loyal people. Treat them as peers, treat them like family, authentically be interested in them and you will be fine. Making friends of staff will yield rewards. Avoid being just another 'gringo" tourist.

Water. Don't drink the tap water. Drink bottled water, even in the resort, I'm serious. It is slightly better there now, but it's still bad. Also, consider taking a bottle of vinegar, and sneak a couple of tablespoon's before you eat anything, just to be safe. Thats an old and relatively effective trick, the local's have immunities you don't, this trick levels the playing field. Nothing will ruin things faster for you than a case of Montezumas revenge.

Consider UPS-ing as much stuff as you can back to yourself when you leave. This will make going through American Customs much faster and easier, they can be real jerks.

Be cautious or completely avoid using terms like "chicano" or "latino" etc, especially around the elder people. Those terms mean very different things to Mexico's plethora of social and cultural groups. Just don't go there. Remember many Mexican's, especially where you are going, have relatively pure Indian (Aztec, etc) roots and ancestry.

Your wheelchair. Don't be suprised if that draws out the gallant streak in the Mexican's.

Have fun, come back and tell us all the detail!

Bob said...

Like your comments, Momentexase but you missed one thing - Street grunting. Anthony Bordain (Travel Channel - No Reservations) always raves about the merits of eating from street vendors in every third world county he travels to but never speaks to the aftermath (if any). I'd be interested to hear about your experiences which may be of value to Laroo during her visit to Canned Coon. Eating from the corporate platter of a resort can be boring and very Gringo. Nice to eat what the locals eat.

momentextase said...

Glad you liked my tips Bob, hope they help everyone.

An attitude of entitlement, impatience and arrogance will be what marks you as a "gringo" not where or what you eat. You may be marked as a "gringo" until you prove you are not, but that is another issue, and even then it all revolves around attitude.

Desire is an all inclusive, and their resturants and menus are varied and the food good (but it's not Paris or Tuscany), so assuming La Roo's interest is mostly to have naked fun at Desire and that resort takes pains to keep everyone healthy, just eating there is a good option.

Also, my vinegar tip covers both at the resort and in town, it is the best you can do short of taking the better part of a pharmacy with you. Bottled water means you can leave the chlorine tablets home. STAY HYDRATED! It is easy to get dehydrated there due to climate. So be cautious with the alcohol.

Notice that Bordain almost always has a local connection as an escort, and he certainly did in Mexico. Also he is experenced, and a chef, thats a huge advantage. If you can make a friend of a local person, maybe a staff person -then maybe they can be an escort out and about, or at least provide guidance about where and what to avoid, or what not to miss.
The staff is fantastic at Desire.

I am all for getting into the local culture and cusine when I travel, we have a Bordain-ish lifestyle, but that is a bit of an art, and I don't sense that's LaRoo's main interest. It's sure not ours when we go to Desire or Hedo.

I was just giving her enough tips about relating to the Mexicans to get her to and from the airport, and maybe cover a bit of sightseeing in town, and relating to staff in a way that could open possibilities if venturing outside the resort is in the plan. She may want to see the art there!

If eating at street vendors is a big desire, avoid raw food of any sort, salads, veggies, etc. (In the resort those are OK). Eat fruits you wash and peel yourself. Most things cooked at higher temperature or a long time above boiling is OK. If you can watch it be cooked, thats the best.

One thing I forgot to mention is that a lot, maybe most, couples at Desire are looking to hook up, it attracts a lot of swingers. If that is not in the plan, try to gently make that known upfront. Anything is OK, from sexy romps with other couples(yummm!)to spending time exclusively with just each other. Just be clear about what you are there for so people don't misinterpert things, everyone will respect and appreciate that!

There is no reason to worry, just use common sense, watch food safety a bit more there than here, don't "other" people and be authentic. That will get you a time you won't forget!

Gray said...

I've never been to Mexico and always hesitant to consider going. I'm curious to see how your trip goes. Stay safe and have a great time!

La Roo said...

Welcome back Momentextase and Wow! I so appreciate yours and Bobs input. I will write on back on that as soon as I can. I been swamped doing things for the gallery, school, etc. I'm so excited to hear all this good information. Don't give up on me, I'll wite a more in depth comment soon.

La Roo said...

Ok I'm back. :)
Momentextase-Like I said, thanks for all your input.
We are ethnic friendly and are in general just happy go lucky people. Plus we love the mexican culture and its people. We have many friends that are mexican...We do live in southern California.
We are planning on using the car or van service provided by the resort. Hopefully that will be ok.
Do they designate certain areas that are ok to be sexual or is that just to stay in your private room and the playroom? We are not swingers and realize that this is a swingers paradise. We visited a similiar place in Desert Hot Springs this last summer and did tell people what we were there for and what we were about. We met so many nice people I hated to leave. Several of those people had been to Desire and told us we should go and that people wern't pushy. I'm very ok to let people know my boundaries.
I'm bringing a bottle of vinegar! Yuck. But I'll do it.
Does basalmic count? :) We recently had a cold that we just couldn't kick and were put on antibiotics. While at the doctor, we told her that we were visiting Mexico and worry about getting sick. She gave us a refill on that prescription so we could take it with us. I plan on bottled water for everything, even brushing my teeth.
I'm not sure if we'll to any local towns as of yet, but we are used to asking locals wherever it may be about the places to eat and see. I would like to eat some "real" mexican food but will be leary and hopefully street smart about it. You don't know how much you're input has meant and reasured me. I so appreciate your time. Thanks.

By the way Bob, we love Anthony Bourdain's show. His dry sense of humor is great. I would love to travel with him and his entourage. Minus eating bugs and brains and penis. :)

Gray-I'm curious to see how my trip goes! :) I will definitely report on it after we come back. I'm at the point in my life where I just need to live and enjoy and stop worrying.

momentextase said...

La Roo, thanks for the welcome! Since you have hung out with both Mexicans and swingers (was that at Sea Mountain?) you will be just fine at Desire! Happy go lucky is the ticket! The resort provided transport is perfect! If you want to go somewhere they don't or can't in your time frame, ask staff to suggest transportation. Balsamic should work, we take a plastic bottle of white, and add a bit of sugar. Also, a tablespoon of sugar soaked in vinegar can be a cure for hickups!

Actual fucking and oral is for the playroom or guest rooms, although there may be special events/places also designated, that can happen if there are events organized by swingers groups visiting there. But you can enjoy kissing, touching, naked hugging and naughty fun like that in lots of places, it is foreplay heaven. When in Rome do as the Romans do, friends you make there will show you the ropes. It's like any swingers club, honor the rules.

Hey babe, sounds to me like you already have it together, so no worries! Just enjoy!