Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something fishy going on.

In my paintings I use photos to paint directly from or use partially for inspiration or information. I have a painting idea in my head that I need to set up and photograph. My problem is that I need live props. No not a nude model. A goldfish. A goldfish in a plastic bag. I have painted this subject matter before and pulled it off without actually having the fish. This time they are needed so I can get certain information on the bag and reflections. I can't pull this from my brain as much as I'd like to.
My problem is....I don't want to care for fish. I don't want to flush them. I've asked a few people if they would want them and they said no. I'm thinking the pet store won't take back a goldfish. So here's my thought, buy the fish, have the photoshoot with them as quick as possible. Take the fish back to the pet store and leave them on the counter and just leave. I don't need my 50 cents back and they aren't going to let them sit there and die. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you have a better one?


Bob said...

I'm thinking instead of the pet store leave it on the counter deal, that you go have some sushi. When you're finished leave the goldfish at your table. One way or another the restaurant will take care of your fish.


PS That's a hellofa camera you have there. Sharp closeups tell the tale.

La Roo said...

Bob....nooo.. that's not my picture i took it from google images. I'm going to disappoint you when you see an actual new camera pic.:)
Or maybe I should just take credit, yes..yes that's mine thank you.
Not helping with my fish issue.

CarynSKA said...

Ask the pet shop if you can take some pictures of a fish there?

Bigger said...

Walmart will take anything back

La Roo said...

Carynska- Good thought, but I need them outside in a wooden chair preferably in an alley. I know I didn't say that, so that's the issue.

Bigger- Hmmmmmm. Even live fish? That's a thought.

eva said...

Goldfish need a LOT of space to thrive, so it won't enjoy living in a small bowl. And even if you know someone with a big fish tank, it probably isn't appropriate to put a gold fish in with the rest of their fish as gold fish are cold water fish and need a different temperature in the water than most other aquarium fish.

Don't flush a live goldfish down the toilet. It would be a slow and painful death. Fish are sensitive and more intelligent than most people give them credit for.

If you leave the fish on the counter without a note, the people in the pet shop might be reluctant to put the fish back in their tanks as they won't know for sure that the fish hasn't been in a fish tank that carry diseases.

I think you should talk to the people in the pet shop to see if you can arrange to pay for taking the fish for a few hours to do a photo shoot and then take it back to the shop with it's bag unopened. Tell them you'll handle it with care. Fish can easily get stressed. You can always go ask several pet shops if the first refuses ;) Good luck!!