Friday, December 4, 2009

My new ride

2007 Saab 97X
(it's pimp)


Bob said...

Absolutely so fucking hot I can see that it's sizzling just sitting in your drive. I love it. Hot car. Hot mama driving. Look out world!

C said...


nice laroo... is your lift in it and all?


La Roo said...

Bob- Thanks, I never thought I'd have a car like this. I keep feeling the need to explain myself. People say wow a Saab... aren't those expensive? It wasn't, but some how feel the need to give the whole speil on what a great deal we got. :)
We are really enjoying it though.

C- Thanks, actually yes....we got in installed yesterday. We got a used one from the place I talked about. i liked it better that all the others. It just made the most sense for what I need and what I visually like. The lift itself is great the pendant remote that makes it go up and down looks like they got it out of a parts box from 1970. And I'm sure they did.
So, for that part it's going back...I told them it looked like shit. They thought I'd just go with it and not know any better. I wouldn't normally be so abrupt but it just irked the heck out of me they tried to pull something like that.
Way to much information...sorry.
That will teach you to ask me a question. :)

Bob said...

Good morning's our girl this lovely morning?

Gray said...

Love it! Very sexy!