Friday, September 11, 2009

A little sketchy

Besides our drawings in class, we have to keep a sketch book.
We have to draw pencils every which way. Right now these are basically conture drawings.
We will draw pencils in this sketch book all semester. They can be with something or on their own, they can be broken, hanging, whatever. She told us the reason for "pencils" is because everybody always has trouble coming up with subject matter. (therefore not getting their assignment complete)This way no matter what, you will always have something to draw. If you want to draw something else, just make sure the pencil is in there somewhere.
I haven't added anything to mine yet, but I will.


CarynSKA said...

Love them!
When I sketched, I always used to end up sketching my hand holding the pencil or the side of the paper or whatever. I could never come up with anything else to draw!
The pencils look great, I especially love the first one, with you peaking around the side!

Bob said...

I thought of you the other evening while watching a makeover program on HGTV. One of the makeover dudes painted a picture of a blue bowl filled with mac and cheese to hang in the dining room. It was big . . . 30 x 40 or more. Mac and cheese filled the canvas. It was excellent but I'll bet you could do better.

Loved your sketches.

Jake lara said...

Turn the pencil into a tree or a pencil rocket or spaceship I used to play with pens like that as a kid, landing them and taking them off. pencil skyscraper, pencil church spire, pencil maypole, pencil barbershop sign, giant pencil house for tiny termites.

Jake lara said...

Love the 1st pic of you and your pencil masterpiece :)

La Roo said...

Caryn - we have done many sketches of our hand in class. Also stools, carts, chairs. Wooowho! Boring but it's all about the process. And I'm there for the ride. Also thank you for the compliment. Theses are just contures no biggie, but very sweet of you.

Bob- I'm glad Mac and Cheese reminds you of me. :)
Kidding aside -Thanks for all the compliments. You're to nice.

Jake- I appreciate all the suggestions. Actually I'm going to ask if I can do things like you described or have to stick with paring the pencil with a separate object. You had some fun ideas. Also, thanks for your encouragement.

Richard said...

Drawing pencils is harder than I thought. I could do the tip and the eraser area, but not the straight lines. I am an artistic failure.