Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Girl

Back to school this week, so I'm off to get supplies. I have one night class (painting) and one day class (drawing). Actually my hubby has decided after all these years to try oil painting and to join the class. He's going to give his right brain a whirl for a while. He already has a great eye for things, so I think he should do well. This medium is just a brand new ball game for him and I'm just proud to see him go out of his box.
I have loved art from day one and just dabbled here and there. Not really finding what turned me on. Until about 5 years ago, we went to our community college art show. I fell in love with this painting that was so delicately detailed and executed to the tee. It was a painting of a quilt that had donuts on it, with a still life of real sprinkle donuts on top of it. I just about creamed my jeans in envy of such talent. This particular artists husband happened to be standing near by, and heard me raving about how I loved it and how I wanted to be able to do that. He said you can, just join our painting class. He went on to tell us how the teacher was wonderful and the people were so nice, almost like a family. I told him how I felt intimidated and didn't know if I would be good enough. He was very persistent, because I think he could tell how bad I wanted to do this.
That night we went home, and that's all I could talk about and decided that I would give it a try.
The rest is history, I took the beginning, intermediate, and advance classes and have continued taking the studio lab every semester. This class has a great group of regulars, and a teacher who happens to have become one of my closest friends is just awesome.
So, I continue going to school and have added a drawing class this semester. I've have found that niche', that for years I couldn't find.
Most importantly, this was a first of my stepping stones to independence. I was frozen in uncertainty most of my life. This was big, and probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Maybe I'll share more about that another time.


Bob said...

That's great to hear, especially reading that hubby is going back to school, too. I suggest the two of you watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High before your first class . . . just as a refresher. I can hardly wait to see photos of you, Laroo, in your school girl uniform. Yum!

As for Bob and art, I'm still in the stick figure stage of development and holding. Only thing that's been added to my art bag of tricks is that around age 14 I learned how to add boobs, public hair and vaginas to my art. Maybe I should like contact a gallery and do a one man show.

Ya think?

Bob said...

Hahahaha, I wrote public hair!! Hahahaha! Hmm, pubic hair isn't public. . . is it?

La Roo said...

Well, if I had any it would be this weekend. :)

Gray said...

I think, from what I have seen, that you are a hell of an artist and I am thankful that you did take those classes!!:)

Jake lara said...
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Jake lara said...

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