Monday, July 27, 2009

National Beer Pong Championships?

We were at the pool in Vegas at the Monte Carlo. We met this great couple at the pool, who were also from southern California. They said they were staying at The Palms but were at this pool for the day because their friend was in the National Beer Pong Championships. The event was being held in our hotel in a ballroom on the 2nd floor. They said they didn't go because it was $50.00 bucks if you wanted to watch. They had experienced this before and decided to just kick back by the pool. This made us laugh because, because basically this is usually a college type drinking game. Normally just bouncing a ping pong ball into a plastic beer cup, and you drink or make others drink by doing so. We didn't think much about it after we threw out a few jokes about it and continued on with soaking up the sun, and just regular conversation with them. After a while the 107 degree heat sucked the life out of us, the girl said, "Hey, do you guys want to go check out the Championship?" We can peek our head in the door, she said. We figured, why not, let's go.
We get off the elevator on the 2nd floor and Micheal Jackson is standing there, glove and ping ping paddle, with his buddies who also were Micheal Jackson. With shit eating grins on our faces continued down the hall to the ballroom. We opened the door to peek in and no one was at the reception table, so the girl we were with goes, come on, just go act like you belong here. We all scoot in, into a room of 50 ping pong tables, teams dressed like tacos, hookers, roller derby, etc. We get about midway through the place, when all of a sudden I began going backwards. I though it was the girl pulling me back, and the realized it was one of the official ping ping police. Once I realized who it was I said loudly, STOP PULLING me! She looked at me and I think realized that was wrong. She asked us to leave and we turned around reluctantly and march ourselves out of this incredibly fun place. Noticing on the way out the ping pong tables were all official looking, each adorning a 3ft tall net and only one beer cup on the opposite side. Totally worth the 3 minutes of fun we had. At least it made us laugh.
Possibly more Vegas fun to be shared later.


Bob said...

The Ping Pong Police pulling you backwards?! That's like leading someone out by the arm. . . where they have no right to put their hands on you. That's so wrong. Complain to the hotel or someone. Please ignorance that you didn't know there was an admission charge - - - you were a guest and thought it was all part of staying in the hotel. Who knows, maybe you'll get a freebie out of it.

That's so over the top wrong.

Gray said...

The security around Vegas is always a bit over the top. *laughs*

La Roo said...

I know I should complain, but I just don't want to ruin my great mood. Girlfriend got it every which way this weekend and feels so hippy loving good.
Next time I'll kick some ass. ;)

La Roo said...

oh be sure to check out comments on post below.