Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frosting and colorful balls

"Circus Animal Cookies"
My birthday present from my hubby.
An artist friend painted it, and he knew I loved it.


Gray said...

Oh that is so cute!

Dang now I am hungry, thanks a lot! ;)

Bob said...

Would it be appropriate to wish you a happy birthday . . . is it your birthday?

Love the painting. Interesting subject.

La Roo said...

Yes, this girlfriend kissed another year goodbye.
And it was a big one. :)

C said...

happy b-day laroo!

hope your day was love filled.


Bob said...

Ohhhh, a big one? That means you just turned thirty, right? Or twenty? Age is a matter of mind. You're as old as you think you are.

Wish I had been there to administer a bare bottomed birthday spanking. Belated happy birthday wishes to you, Laroo.

Anonymous said...

feliz cumpleanos (belated)

La Roo said...

I'm 70, Not to shabby, huh?
Awwww, I didn't get spanked, darn.

Jake lara said...

Happy Birthday!!

the painting present is really good!

Jake lara said...

Hey it didn't publish the whole URL for your card
so I'll try and split it in 2 just copy and paste the 1st line and then the second. Sorry about this.


La Roo said...

Thanks everyone.

eva said...

Happy birthday :D Woo, what a great present your man got you!