Saturday, February 28, 2009


We've been wanting to go to The Getty Villa for quite sometime. So today we made a day trip of it and went to Malibu to see what we've been missing. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we were not disappointed. We saw many antiquities, some dating back to 4000 B. C. The architecture is so beautiful and the grounds impeccable. I didn't know today that J. Paul Getty never got to see his masterpiece finished. What a shame.
A day of culture and a night of cultured hot sex, if the dress does what it was intended to do.


13messages said...

Your photos are beautiful. Good luck with the "night of cultured hot sex."

And thanks for the nice comment. I should post again soon.

________________________________ said...

was the Villa designed by Julia Morgan?

Richard said...

It must be nice to be rich. You brighten up the scene beautifully.

Jake said...

You look fantastic in that top!

Mike said...

Beautiful!, The location ain't bad either!
It must be hard not to get inspired out there. I'm inspired just looking at those photos.

C said...

your pictures are so beautiful. and so are you, laroo. until you, i never looked at a person as being sexy, sensual, and beautiful in a wheelchair. yet there you are. you grace it beautifully.

big hug.


Bob said...

I thought of you and your gallery this morning as I read an article in today's local paper. Advertised was an exhibition of art entitled "Women Who Speak With Paint". It crossed my mind that this is what you do . . . your art and how you speak through it via paint. Anyway, it's an idea of an exibition at your gallery of women's art. I'd bet this title would attract a crowd.

Keep on paint (and posting). :)

La Roo said...

Thank you 13, actually that night wasn't the night. Not sure why. But there has been others since.

I don't think it was designed by Julia Morgan. It was a man and ......... the name just ecscapes me.

Richard, I'm not so sure I'd wanna be that rich. Although I don't mind wallowing in someone elses fortune for the day.

Thanks Jake.

Mike, Thanks, and it was absolutely gorgeous there and actually my right brain was on overload with inspiration. I did get some great ideas that I'm still working out in my head.

C,Thank you, and a bit of that what you say surprises me. Being the person you are I just assume that you are very open to many different things and people. Kind of a person that normally sees people in a different light. I so appreciate you thinking of me in that way you described. And of you being upfront with such sincerity.

Bob, Well first off, I like the fact that you're thinking of me while you reading the newspaper. :) And that is something to think about for an exhibition. Actually our next show in May is dubbed "Itty Bitty" and no....... not the titty committee. :)

Bob said...

Well, that wouldn't be the only time . . .