Friday, November 21, 2008

Date Set

I checked the front page of ISM (i shot myself) and I'm in the holding pattern at the top of the page set for Monday the 24th. (laroo) This is crazy and so exhilarating!!!


ausallblack said...

I can't wait to see your sexy body you could always email me a preview lmao:)

momentextase said...

Welcome to crazy and exhilarating land!

As you know, we get our exhibitionistic thrills via the friends we have that we play with... but I think that exhilarating feeling is a universal thing for those that dig that kind of thing, it is such an exciting, naughty and satisfying pleasure to feel like one is adding and increasing the sum of the total sexual energy (we think of it as feelings of "aliveness")on the planet, no matter what medium or context that happens in!!!

La Roo said...

This has made me feel alive, momentextase.
This opportunity has come at a certain time in my life where I actually feel like this is who I am and I'm good with that. People can either take it or leave it.

Thank you both.